Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No buts, althoughs, or howevers

I am a realist. I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic. Just a realist. What does this mean? Well, I don't sugar coat things for myself, and even when I try for others, I don't do it well. I'm a girl of statistics, realistic outcomes, and more black & white than gray areas.

I rarely stop to smell the roses. So here's a post in which I will list 5 completely random things that are good - and unlike myself, I will leave out the buts, althoughs, and howevers. :-)

  1. Kathy at Home Depot is my new hero.
  2. Oreo's kisses are the sweetest.
  3. There are Angels watching over us.
  4. Pandora is beautiful.
  5. My husband just gets me.
Do you have 5 random things that are good? Leave out the buts, althoughs, and howevers and comment or blog about them. We all have so much to be happy and grateful about... let's share a smile.


Ed said...

1. I'm learning some interesting new things.

2. Working on some plans and stuff that should pay good dividends in the future.

3. I have a cool kid.

4. and wife

5. Most things in my life work, if not necessarily well or to my ideal.

Bridget said...

I sometimes ask myself if we were seperated at birth...lol...love the idea of this post.