Thursday, April 30, 2009

National no turn signal and motorcycles ride my ass day???

  • Did I miss the memo?  Was yesterday a specially designated day to not use your turn signal and for motorcycles to ride my ass?  Just asking because that seemed to be the trend. 
  • Sean Hannity and Karl Rove were cracking me up last night on Fox News' Hannity.  These guys speak my language! 
  • We're having another garage sale this weekend.  Actually 2!  My next door neighbor is having one too!  If you're in the area and want to know where to go, email me at
    • Lots of baby clothes - boys and girls up to 3T. 
    • Furniture and collectable coins
    • Home decor
  • Speaking of our neighbors, I finally asked them the big question:  Democrat or Republican.  Let's just say that I can foresee us having a long and happy friendship.  :-) 
  • Ashley, are you reading this?  We are starting to wonder if you've been abducted by aliens.  Where in the heck have you been? 
  • I'm nearing the end of Spring semester.  The end of every semester is always tough.  Lots of projects and tests.  I am sooo ready for Summer! 
  • Chris is like addicted to home projects.  This isn't bad, but I never see my husband anymore unless I want to paint closet doors in the garage, rake leaves, fix landscaping lights, or rip carpet off the deck. 
    • Yesterday we had a romantic lunch together.  It involved going to Home Depot over our lunch breaks.  There, we walked the aisles looking and dreaming of future home projects before we headed to the lawn and garden area to buy lawn fertilizer and grass seed. 
      • As if Home Depot alone wasn't a big enough turn on, we went through Wendy's for burgers and then scarfed them down as we raced to get back before my next class. 
        • I love you, babe! 
  • Calvin is our new pet.  Yes, pet!  And we LOVE our new pets Oreo, our puppy - and the latest is Ed our miniature elephant!  The best part of these new pets is their sweet kisses... and of course the fact that they use the toilet! 


MrsRuholl said...

FYI... if you would like (if its not too late) I can get you grass seed/fertilizer/dirt/whatever from work for CHEAP. Just let me know a little ahead of time.

Dawn said...

I'm glad I passed the friendship test b4 "republican" became an applicable question...;-)