Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Billi Onto Something???

Calvin is 3 1/2.  He is potty trained.  But he still wears pull-ups to bed.  We just can't master the night.  I talked to Billi about it awhile back and again last night.  She used the "diapers are for babies tactic" where Louis didn't get pull-ups but rather diapers and of course he's too cool for diapers and voilla he was completely potty trained.  Mission Complete! 

Last night I had a lengthy talk with Calvin about going through the night without an accident.  I told him that we are on our last bag of pull-ups.  He looked at me with confusion.  I told him that he has about 20 nights to get this under control or he'll have to wear diapers to bed.  At that point he looked at me with an expression of "WTH?!?" he did not say that.  He hated the idea of being in diapers like a baby. 

He woke-up this morning very excited.  He had ALL of his stars!  No accident last night!!!  He wanted to know if he could wear underwear to bed tonight.  I told him that if he goes 3 nights in a row with no accidents that he can definitely start wearing boxers to bed like Dad. 

Thank-you, Billi!!!!  You Rock! 

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A big hug and kiss to Tartan my SUPERHERO!!