Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dear Gmail, I thought you loved me.

Dear Gmail,
I thought you loved me.  I thought we had that special relationship that only few could find with their e-mail provider.  I gave you unconditional love through the dozens of e-mails I sent out through you each day.  I never neglected you.  I was faithful 100%. 

And for what?!?  For you to be crawling slow for the third day in a row???  For you to give me the excuse, "Still Working" when I try to refresh my inbox?  For you to "take a break" while I was trying to send Dawn a lengthy e-mail that was deleted do to your neglect? 

Why are you distancing yourself from me?  What did I do wrong?  Are you breaking up with me?  Is it over?  Will we ever be joined again in e-mail productivity happiness. 

Please know that your faults can be forgiven.  Infact, you don't even have to apologize.  Just shape up, get your act together, and show me the love I once knew you had for me.  We can get past this... if not on our own, then through e-mail provider relationship counseling.  Please tell me we will go onto live a long, virus free, unlimited storage life together. 



Dawn said...

OMG I LOVE THAT! Not that gmail sucked and it ate my email. But the letter was priceless.

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Anonymous said...

Need some new blogs :-)