Thursday, April 30, 2009

Christina O. The Dandelion Slayer

I am a self proclaimed dandelion slayer.

I have declared war on the Dandelion Militia!

I am obsessed with killing all of the darn dandelions in our yard. They annoy me. Then they make me sneeze. Then, I am even more annoyed and very angry. I want the dandelions to die.

I've gone through 2 bottles of weed/dandelion killer in 2 days and I plan on getting more tonight or tomorrow. I will conquer the dandelions!

Do you want to join the war against dandelions?

You can do your part in the war against dandelions by:

  • Coming to my house with dandelion killer
  • Spraying your own yard with dandelion killer
  • Have your yard replaced with concrete. I happen to know a good local concrete business. ;-)

Do you know good dandelion war tactics? If so, please share. :-)


Amber M said...

My husband said he wants to rock most of our yard because of all the damn dandelions. They won't go away and will stay even longer if it keeps raining all the time.

Dawn said...

The tots would be so upset if we got rid of the dandelions in our non-yard.