Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Chinese Shoe Theory

I have a theory, or rather a hypothesis:  Chinese toddler boys do not wear shoes. 

Are you laughing and wondering what soap box Christina's on?  Okay, here goes. 

Again.  I repeat Again, I was on the hunt for brown shoes for Calvin to have for Easter.  I went to Kohls today.  There are like two-and a half aisles of girl shoes and like 1/2 an aisle of toddler boy shoes.  There was only one pair of brown shoes that were Easter worthy, and to be honest they were pretty ugly.  Of course they didn't come in Calvin's size. 

It got me thinking.  There has to be a reason there is such a shortage of toddler boy shoe selection.  I needed to dig deeper, quit blaming the stores and brands, and get to the root of the problem.  It hit me as I was driving down Keller Drive griping about it to my mom:  Chinese toddler boys must not wear shoes!!!  Duh!  I mean, most shoes are made in China, right???  Yes!  This has to be the reason!  When will a big star like Angelina or Madona address the abuse to Chinese toddlers' feet?!?  C'mon!  This is a serious problem! 

We need to take action!  If not for the sake of these Chinese toddlers, for the sake of a better selection of shoes for our little boys! 

How will I prove my hypothesis?  I have no idea.  But, I suspect I'll win a Politzer or Nobel Peace Prize for my work and I will invite all of you to the awards ceremony! 


Sarah D said...

Chinese boys do wear shoes, but I think they all have noisemakers in them!

I heard about these "squeaky shoes" (and since I have a shoe fetish for my kids) I went on the hunt for them assisted by my best friend GOOGLE. They come in all different styles and are made in China! Super cute, but they make noise when your child walks.

I really do feel your pain. I looked for brown shoes for Jack for a few months and finally got a pair that were not that attractive at Kohls.

Good luck!

Aubrey said...

I got your back to prove this theory!! Poor boys don't stand a chance in the cute shoe department!

mylifeastina said...

I agree with this completely. I also dont understand why they cant make cuter and more selection of boys clothes. Thank goodness for Old Navy online!!!

Hey, where do you send Calvin for swim lessons? I would like to get Hunter in some. Thanks!

Mommynightowl said...

oh god I hate those noise maker shoes, so obnoxious.

OOO, lol I am def coming to your awards cermemony when you prove this tragic happening. I wonder what I'll wear?

Bridget said...

make sure to thank your stylist!lol

Alicia said...

Excellent post.!! Thanks for sharing the Chinese shoe theory..