Thursday, April 30, 2009

Christina O. The Dandelion Slayer

I am a self proclaimed dandelion slayer.

I have declared war on the Dandelion Militia!

I am obsessed with killing all of the darn dandelions in our yard. They annoy me. Then they make me sneeze. Then, I am even more annoyed and very angry. I want the dandelions to die.

I've gone through 2 bottles of weed/dandelion killer in 2 days and I plan on getting more tonight or tomorrow. I will conquer the dandelions!

Do you want to join the war against dandelions?

You can do your part in the war against dandelions by:

  • Coming to my house with dandelion killer
  • Spraying your own yard with dandelion killer
  • Have your yard replaced with concrete. I happen to know a good local concrete business. ;-)

Do you know good dandelion war tactics? If so, please share. :-)

National no turn signal and motorcycles ride my ass day???

  • Did I miss the memo?  Was yesterday a specially designated day to not use your turn signal and for motorcycles to ride my ass?  Just asking because that seemed to be the trend. 
  • Sean Hannity and Karl Rove were cracking me up last night on Fox News' Hannity.  These guys speak my language! 
  • We're having another garage sale this weekend.  Actually 2!  My next door neighbor is having one too!  If you're in the area and want to know where to go, email me at
    • Lots of baby clothes - boys and girls up to 3T. 
    • Furniture and collectable coins
    • Home decor
  • Speaking of our neighbors, I finally asked them the big question:  Democrat or Republican.  Let's just say that I can foresee us having a long and happy friendship.  :-) 
  • Ashley, are you reading this?  We are starting to wonder if you've been abducted by aliens.  Where in the heck have you been? 
  • I'm nearing the end of Spring semester.  The end of every semester is always tough.  Lots of projects and tests.  I am sooo ready for Summer! 
  • Chris is like addicted to home projects.  This isn't bad, but I never see my husband anymore unless I want to paint closet doors in the garage, rake leaves, fix landscaping lights, or rip carpet off the deck. 
    • Yesterday we had a romantic lunch together.  It involved going to Home Depot over our lunch breaks.  There, we walked the aisles looking and dreaming of future home projects before we headed to the lawn and garden area to buy lawn fertilizer and grass seed. 
      • As if Home Depot alone wasn't a big enough turn on, we went through Wendy's for burgers and then scarfed them down as we raced to get back before my next class. 
        • I love you, babe! 
  • Calvin is our new pet.  Yes, pet!  And we LOVE our new pets Oreo, our puppy - and the latest is Ed our miniature elephant!  The best part of these new pets is their sweet kisses... and of course the fact that they use the toilet! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thankful For

At meal times we pray.  Followed by the standard prayer, we each say something or someone we'd like to pray for and then around the table again to say what we are thankful for. 

The other night at dinner Calvin said, "I'm thankful God let Grandpa Joe go to Heaven." 

What an interesting thing for a 3 year old to be thankful for... even more interesting because Calvin never met my Great-Grandpa Joe.  He died many years before Calvin was born. 

Calvin talks about Grandpa Joe all of the time and the things they do.  I assume in his dreams and I never ask too many questions because I don't want Calvin to ever doubt that he knows Grandpa Joe. 

Grandpa Joe was a special man.  He was full of life, love, laughter, and popsicles.  :-)  He left a lasting impression on my life as well as many others.  And I am sooo thankful that Grandpa Joe has found a way to touch Calvin's life, too. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you need a smile today?

Click HERE if you need a smile.
Wendy announced some spectacular news on her blog.
Stop by her blog to congratulate her.
This is definitely the time for happy comments for her! :-)

Is Billi Onto Something???

Calvin is 3 1/2.  He is potty trained.  But he still wears pull-ups to bed.  We just can't master the night.  I talked to Billi about it awhile back and again last night.  She used the "diapers are for babies tactic" where Louis didn't get pull-ups but rather diapers and of course he's too cool for diapers and voilla he was completely potty trained.  Mission Complete! 

Last night I had a lengthy talk with Calvin about going through the night without an accident.  I told him that we are on our last bag of pull-ups.  He looked at me with confusion.  I told him that he has about 20 nights to get this under control or he'll have to wear diapers to bed.  At that point he looked at me with an expression of "WTH?!?" he did not say that.  He hated the idea of being in diapers like a baby. 

He woke-up this morning very excited.  He had ALL of his stars!  No accident last night!!!  He wanted to know if he could wear underwear to bed tonight.  I told him that if he goes 3 nights in a row with no accidents that he can definitely start wearing boxers to bed like Dad. 

Thank-you, Billi!!!!  You Rock! 

I haven't given Walnut Street Cards a shout out lately.  Click HERE to see a few of her amazing cards!   She can make pretty much any card you want including:  wedding, get well, birthday, bachelorette party, showers, etc.  And better yet you will LOVE the cards - AND - she donates 5% of the sale to the charity of your choice!!! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dude. Are you serious?!?

The other day, while doing a little shopping in Weber's Jewelry I got a call... I didn't recognize the number but it was local so I answered. The man introduced himself. I thought I must have misunderstood him and asked him to repeat himself. Yes, I was right it was Sgt. So-and-so from the Army Reserves. The conversation when something like this:

Sgt: "Ma'am we're calling recent graduates and you are on my list."
Sgt: "Are you going to College?"
Me: "Yes."
Sgt: "What is your major?"
Me: "Desktop Publishing."
Sgt: "Have you ever considered how you'll pay for college?" - pause - "How exactly are you paying for college?"
Me with some sarcasm because I couldn't believe the Army Reserves were trying to recruit me: "I'm a veteran. I have my G.I. Bill."
Sgt - stumbling to find words because he realized he flubbed up: "Well, have you ever considered the Army Reserves?"
Me very matter of factly: "No. I was in the Air Force. Why would I go from the Air Force to the Army? That doesn't make any sense."
-Pause- while he probably wondered how he got this all confused.
Besides, I'm not a recent graduate so no idea how he got my number.
After an awkward pause I thanked him, told him if he had any recruits for the Air Force that they needed help with to give me a call, and then I hung up.

Seriously, I give a lot of credit to all of our service men and women in every branch of the military. But going from the Air Force to the Army is like leaving the Ritz Carlton for a Motel 6. Agree?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No buts, althoughs, or howevers

I am a realist. I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic. Just a realist. What does this mean? Well, I don't sugar coat things for myself, and even when I try for others, I don't do it well. I'm a girl of statistics, realistic outcomes, and more black & white than gray areas.

I rarely stop to smell the roses. So here's a post in which I will list 5 completely random things that are good - and unlike myself, I will leave out the buts, althoughs, and howevers. :-)

  1. Kathy at Home Depot is my new hero.
  2. Oreo's kisses are the sweetest.
  3. There are Angels watching over us.
  4. Pandora is beautiful.
  5. My husband just gets me.
Do you have 5 random things that are good? Leave out the buts, althoughs, and howevers and comment or blog about them. We all have so much to be happy and grateful about... let's share a smile.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spa Pedicure Giveaway!!! Shhh... Don't Tell Anyone! I Want To Win!

Bridget is having her first ever giveaway on her blog.  I'm not sure where in the world she ever got the idea from... it's not like she has a long time client/old friend/fellow blogger that just begged her via a blog post.  ;-)  Seriously, if you live in the Effingham area head over to Always An Adventure to enter to win a spa pedicure at The French Quarter Salon And Day Spa.  :-) 

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Giveaway???

Next week Thursday is Cut & Color Day!
This is by far my favorite day every 6-8 weeks!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE my Stylist.
She is amazing!
She does amazing things to my hair!
She makes me feel oh so very beautiful. :-)
Have I mentioned I love

Now she blogs.
She has the power of the blog.
has the power to talk trash,
tell funny stories,
and give things away...

Bridget, do you know where I'm going with this???
Give something away already!!!
I'm dying for a facial, massage, cut, color, wax, mani, or pedi.
I love you!
I am 100% faithful to
Show me some love. :-)
Convince Sheri to give a special promo to Bloggers!

Okay... I'm mostly kidding.
But, I'd really love to win something fabulous
from the French Quarter on your
blog. :-)

Easter Surprises

This Easter more than just the Easter Bunny delivered at our house!  My mom brought me my great grandmother's canister set that I will absolutely cherish for the rest of my life.  I was very close to my Grandma Orpha, so these really mean a lot to me.  She also brought me another super special gift, and a gift for Dawn too.  But since I haven't given Dawn hers, I can't tell you what it is.  Just know that it is very cool!  Tricia went shopping... instead of spending all of her hard earned money on herself, she did a bit of shopping for Calvin at Children's Place.  Clothes are great! 

We are very appreciative of our gifts!  :-)  Thank-you!!! 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Mom, I can't sleep without yoooouuuu."

Calvin knows how to get what he wants... "Mom, I can't sleep without yyyooouuuuu."  It's cute.  And he knows I rarely turn down the opportunity to snuggle with my snuggle buggy at nap time.  Since it seems like I haven't been able to get enough sleep lately - sleeping a lot but always tired - I'll take  him up on his request today.  So for now Bloggers, happy napping!  :-) 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mommy's Just Joking

Let's all give Gretchen a great big Blogger welcome!  She's the newest blogger on the block.  Check her out at Mommy's Just Joking!  Leave her some bloggy love (comments). 

I have huge expectations of Gretchen's blog... she's a super funny girl that can really tell a good story!  So hold on to your pants and get ready to laugh your ass off at her future posts!!! 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dear Gmail, I thought you loved me.

Dear Gmail,
I thought you loved me.  I thought we had that special relationship that only few could find with their e-mail provider.  I gave you unconditional love through the dozens of e-mails I sent out through you each day.  I never neglected you.  I was faithful 100%. 

And for what?!?  For you to be crawling slow for the third day in a row???  For you to give me the excuse, "Still Working" when I try to refresh my inbox?  For you to "take a break" while I was trying to send Dawn a lengthy e-mail that was deleted do to your neglect? 

Why are you distancing yourself from me?  What did I do wrong?  Are you breaking up with me?  Is it over?  Will we ever be joined again in e-mail productivity happiness. 

Please know that your faults can be forgiven.  Infact, you don't even have to apologize.  Just shape up, get your act together, and show me the love I once knew you had for me.  We can get past this... if not on our own, then through e-mail provider relationship counseling.  Please tell me we will go onto live a long, virus free, unlimited storage life together. 


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Get Off Your Butt And Blog Already!!! :-)

Gretchen, this post is for you.  Bridget confirmed today (while waxing my eyebrows) that you are a blog stalker!!!  ;-)  She said you read our blogs from time to time... and yet you've never commented on mine...  ;-)  WTH?!?  So, we want to know why you don't blog???  We want to hear your funny/embarrassing/sad/witty/whimsical/smelly/happy/baby stories!  What are you waiting for?!?  Jump on the bandwagon!  Start blogging today! 

Seriously, I guess I just miss you a little...  I was thinking of you the other day and then today when Bridget was talking about you it just seemed like it was destiny for us to be Blogger pals.  I know, it's not like going down the water slide at the lake like we used to at the CCX Summer Parties... but Blogging is so much fun!  :-) 

Can't wait to read your very 1st post!!! 
HERE to get started! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rotten Fish Dog Poop???

Today, at Wal-Mart, (yes, I went to Wal-Mart.  I am a bad American.  There, I said it.)  Calvin had to go pee.  We headed to the front of the store.  As we approached the front we were overwhelmed with the most gawd awful smell.  We entered the bathroom.  The smell didn't get better or worse in there and I concluded that the smell was not coming from the restroom. 

We continued shopping - in the back of the store.  Headed to groceries.  Worked our way through the aisles towards the front of the store.  Then, there it was - in the ketchup/coffee aisle - the stinch!  It was so bad that I bet there was some sort of cartoonish green cloud hovering the area.  We trecked through the aisle, all the while I was gagging.  I seriously thought I was going to throw up! 

When I thought it couldn't get any worse we got to the fresh produce section to get potatoes.  OMGosh!  It seriously stunk up there!  I tried holding my breath - but I'm really no good at that and the more I tried, the more I actually breathed.  I'm not coordinated enough I guess. 

So what was the smell?!?  I never found the source.  Here are some examples to give you an idea of exactly how bad it was. 

A fish bait shop with rotten bait, or
Rotten fish, or
Dog poop, or
Really gross dog poop after the dog ate rotten fish, or
Someone with b.o. that had rotten fish seeping through their pores, or
Vomit consisting of rotten fish and then covered in that powdery stuff they use at schools. 

I really have no idea what the smell was exactly.  I've never smelt anything so disgusting in my life.  This was FAR worse than stinky guy and stinky girl.  Oh dear, it was bad.  I am practically gagging thinking about it. 

Raining Snot

I am sick. 
I started feeling crappy last Wednesday - the night of the move. 
Thought I was just tired. 
By Thursday night after swim lessons, I was really feeling sick. 
There was a large white spot on my left tonsil.  A doc told me before that I get food on my tonsils and gave me a tool to scrape it off.  Well, Thursday night when I scraped it off, it filled back up imediately.  I put some pressure on my left tonsil and out popped a great big chunk of something - rock hard!  Yes, I know this is oh so very disgusting. 
Since then, my throat has been very sore - and rightfully so, I was poking around in there! 
Now, my sinuses are full. 
Blowing my nose repeatedly has become natural. 

I feel like ass. 
Okay, yesterday I felt like ass.  Today I'm feeling a little better. 
Being sick really sucks! 
Our house isn't nearly unpacked - and mostly my fault for being sick since we moved in. 
To give you an idea of how sick I feel, I haven't felt well enough to shop for and Easter outfit for myself! 
Yes!  Too sick to shop! 

Oh, did I mention that Calvin's nose is just as runny and now Chris has cold symptoms? 
Yeah, this sucks! 

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Poop Story

In our house, we make jokes about poop - especially when Calvin poops.  It's all funny and light hearted.  Sometimes he'll say he 'pooped out a Calvin' or 'pooped out a baby brother'.  We all laugh.  His new thing is (and he made this up all by himself), 'I pooped out Obama!' followed by, 'I flushed him down the toilet.'  To some of you this is not funny at all... but seriously - this is oh so funny to hear come out of a 3 year old's mouth! 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Chinese Shoe Theory

I have a theory, or rather a hypothesis:  Chinese toddler boys do not wear shoes. 

Are you laughing and wondering what soap box Christina's on?  Okay, here goes. 

Again.  I repeat Again, I was on the hunt for brown shoes for Calvin to have for Easter.  I went to Kohls today.  There are like two-and a half aisles of girl shoes and like 1/2 an aisle of toddler boy shoes.  There was only one pair of brown shoes that were Easter worthy, and to be honest they were pretty ugly.  Of course they didn't come in Calvin's size. 

It got me thinking.  There has to be a reason there is such a shortage of toddler boy shoe selection.  I needed to dig deeper, quit blaming the stores and brands, and get to the root of the problem.  It hit me as I was driving down Keller Drive griping about it to my mom:  Chinese toddler boys must not wear shoes!!!  Duh!  I mean, most shoes are made in China, right???  Yes!  This has to be the reason!  When will a big star like Angelina or Madona address the abuse to Chinese toddlers' feet?!?  C'mon!  This is a serious problem! 

We need to take action!  If not for the sake of these Chinese toddlers, for the sake of a better selection of shoes for our little boys! 

How will I prove my hypothesis?  I have no idea.  But, I suspect I'll win a Politzer or Nobel Peace Prize for my work and I will invite all of you to the awards ceremony! 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Home

We're Moved Into Our New House!!!
"Moved in" is kind of an overstatement because we're not nearly unpacked. But, we're here, in our new home, the one that we own and can live in forever.
The house we can really call home. :-)

Wednesday night we had a huge turnout of friends and family to help us move 3 miles down the road to our new house. Thank-you to everyone that helped during the painting, moving, etc. We really appreciate the help! Click here for pictures.

There's so much to do, and no idea where to start. We are slowly getting unpacked. Yet, our garage is still full of "stuff".
I want to snap my fingers and things be put away. I tried, it didn't work. ;-)

As for now, I'm taking it all in. I'm in no rush to get unpacked -
as I find a home in our house for everything.