Sunday, March 1, 2009

When will his stupid cold go away?!?

It's Sunday. 
Calvin still has a cold and a temperature. 
He's been sick since last Tuesday. 
For him, this is a very long time to be sick. 
He gets bursts of energy where he's hyper and plays.  Then, he poops out and is back on one of our laps.  Last night we took him bowling with Phil and Ashley.  Great time!!!  I won't go on and on about how I kicked everyone's butts in the 2nd game.  Anyway, Calvin had a blast during the 1st game but by the middle of the 2nd he was exhausted and the cold was setting in again.  Ugh. 

Today I thought he was much better.  That is until he took a 3 1/2 hour nap and then begged me to lay on the couch with him.  That's just not like him.  Right now Calvin and Chris are playing hide and go seek inside.  I'm sure it won't be long before he's worn out again.  Taking these few minutes to work on homework and say hi to my Blogger pals.  "Hi!" 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like what my daughter had for 5+ days...fever, cold, sore throat...would be fine during day, burst of energy and then crash hard during the afternoon....finally took her in and they did bloodwork, it was strep, they gave her a shot and she was back to normal by end of the day...That fever was just exhausting us all!

I hope he feels better soon!

Yvonne :)