Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A VA Kind or Victoria's Secret Angel??? I Think Not! ;-)

I had a CT Scan at the VA Hospital today.
I signed in, waited, and was called back - even early! :-)
The nice gentleman that called me back had a couple questions for me:

"Is there any chance you could be pregnant?"

Me: "No."

"One more question... Are you wearing a bra?"


"As opposed to not wearing a bra???"

"I get a lot of 83 year old women in here that don't wear bras with their's hanging down to here."
As he smiled and acted as if he were holding two boulders down to his knees.

We both laughed.

"So, what kind of bra do you have on?"

I guess I was caught off guard so I answered,

"Victoria's Secret."

He laughed so hard. I laughed out of awkwardness.

"No, like what type of bra?"

Me: "Oh, wire. Is that what you're talking about?"

"Yes. Can you please step into this restroom and remove your bra from under your shirt? Then, come into the other room for your CT Scan."

I was prepared. Last time I went to the VA for x-rays I had to remove my bra. So, I made sure not to wear a white shirt today. I was prepared in grey. :-)

Even after the CT scan, the guy shared how the office staff found laughter in my Victoria's Secret reply. I guess I was quite a hit!

Later I saw this nice guy outside the canteen. He smiled, laughed, and called me the "Victoria's Secret Girl." I am so flattered. :-)


Chris said...

I didn't know all I had to do was ask.

Dawn said...

That's hilarious! Chris's comment too!