Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Piggy Bank Savings

Yesterday a very proud little boy (Calvin) strutted into the bank with 3 sandwich bags full of coins and dollars that he took out of his piggy banks.  We ran the change through the machine and were given a receipt for $60.44 in change!!!  I was shocked - and so proud of him for saving so much.  We took the receipt and the remaining cash to the lovely bank teller.  Calvin deposited a total of $96.44 in his savings account!  That's a lot of money for a little boy to save in his piggy banks!  The bank tellers all praised him for a job well done.  They even gave him extra smarties. 

This morning Calvin and I went to the bank to make our weekly deposit.  As we got out of the car he said, "Mom, they're going to be sooooo proud of you for saving your money!"  This sweet comment helped to start my day off right.  I am smiley, cheerful, and full of energy! 

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Dawn said...

Haha so sweet...need to bring in my tots' change...