Sunday, March 15, 2009


Calvin's speech has quickly improved since his 1st and only session with a speech pathologist a couple weeks ago. Remember: He was advised to see one after pre-K screening.

Now, he sounds out words and syllables. I'm so proud of him. Just one problem: he quit saying my favorite word. "Mashmash" That's what we call the mustache mouthwash, milk, ice cream, etc leave behind. I love the way he says mustache, "Mashmash." Chris and I even call it that, now.

Today, Calvin insisted on saying it right. "Mom, say 'Mus - tash'" He is growing up... he's outgrowing baby words like 'mashmash'. I should be excited, but instead I'm a little sad.

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Dawn said...

It's so sad when tots stop speaking like the children they are. I wish I could go back in time and write all the things down Daelyn used to say. Luckily, I blog now. Now, I can write down what the man says, as he says it.

Bye-bye Mashmash. :(