Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fruity Pebbles Breath

Random notes from our last few days: 

Calvin is feeling soooo much better!  No fever since Sunday evening!!!  Woo-hoo!  He stayed home with Grandma on Monday.  Everyone can use some TLC from Grandma when they're sick.  He felt well enough that night to go to Caleb's basketball game... where he totally creamed the other team!  :-) 

Yesterday Chris took me to my physical therapy appointment at the Marion VA Hospital.  The local VA clinic I go to insisted that I have x-rays done of my back since I've had back pain since June.  Just as I suspected, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my back.  It is indeed stress related.  He urged me to try to avoid stress... ummm... that's nearly impossible for me.  The physical therapist gave me some stretches to do daily that should help.  I was embarrassed when he asked how often I exercise.  I answered, "Like never.  Does chasing a 3 year old count?"  He strongly suggested I get out the jogging stroller... and actually use it for its intended purpose.  Tiffany P and Sarah B, watch out!  This Spring I really am going to start jogging! 

Want to know what Fruity Pebbles' breath smells like??? Ask my husband.  I can't post it here... because he said so.  But, it caught me way off guard, made me laugh, and reminded me that my husband thinks like a man.  ;-) 

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Dawn said...

Yeah, avoiding stress...good luck on that one. But I need to work out, hit me up this spring.