Saturday, March 14, 2009

Buick Century Owner's Club

Last week I walked into the bank, paid off my car, and walked out a proud member of the Buick Century Owner's Club! ;-) It feels good to have my car paid off. Let's face it, my car's nothing sporty, fancy, or my dream car... but it is what I have... and now I own it! No more payments!

Just my luck that now my car makes a clicking noise when I drive it. Chris suspects it's the CV Shaft (?). Whatever that is. He said it won't be too hard to fix. But still... it's the point that everyone was right when they told me as soon as my car would be paid off something would go wrong with it!


Aubrey said...

Of course as soon as it's paid for it's gonna start acting's just like a soon as it expires, whatever was covered is gonna break.

Congrats, BTW!!

Dawn said...

Welcome to the Century Club! All owners welcome ;-)

Wendy said...

Congrats!!! That's a big accomplishment and weight off ones shoulders.

I know what you mean about something going wrong w/ your vehicle once you've paid it off. Remember our Jimmy lost a motor last year....Good Luck....I don't think CV Shaft is near as serious though :-)