Monday, February 16, 2009

To actually THINK

I have so much to blog about and no idea where to start. 
I get those "Blogger Moments" where I live my life thinking in terms of blog post terminology... and then later, when I'm infront of the computer - I forget... or it doesn't seem nearly as interesting.  Anyway, here are some things on my mind, now. 

I haven't been sleeping.  This started two weeks ago tomorrow.  I've been like a zombie.  Not sleeping at night... well, that's somewhat normal.  But not being able to take naps... that's definitely not like me!  I love naps!!!  Last night I took a Tylenol PM around 7:45 because I could barely keep my eyes open and yet my mind was racing a million miles a minute.  I made a bed for me and Calvin on the couch and put in one of his favorite movies.  I fell asleep.  He snuggled with me.  :-)  Then, around 4:30 I woke up.  I tossed, turned, peed, and got up twice for a drink.  The Tylenol PM wore off.  Ugh... I should have taken 2 like the bottle recommended.  I finally fell back asleep around 6:00.  But, it was the crappy sleep like I'd been having the other nights... the kind of sleep where it feels more like I'm deep in thought instead of dreaming.  You know what I'm talking about... where you're somewhat asleep but still balancing your check book, working, and planning the next day.  I'm hoping for better sleep tonight. 

I'm taking an Adobe Illustrator class.  You can do some pretty neat things in the program!  Anyway, long story short:  We're each designing a t-shirt for an upcoming computer contest.  Designing the t-shirt is actually a contest, too.  My inner geek decided to type up some pseudocode/flow chart as a "program" for deciding the winner to put on the back of the shirt.  Yes, I am a nerd.  No, I do not have a pocket protector.  Anyway, as I was writing all of the pseudocode out... perfecting every calculation and decision, I realized A: that this was far too much to put on a t-shirt, B: that I am a nerd, C: that I have already forgotten some of the programming logic I learnt last semester.  I was bummed about C.  If my schedule permits, I am taking a programming course next semester.  I really enjoy programming.  Okay, I don't know much code -  just logic - and it excites me!  I like that I have to actually think - that although it somewhat comes naturally to me... that I still have to apply thought and plan out the code to create the desired results from the program.  It feels good to think.  I know this sounds so silly.  It's just that days, weeks, months go by and I am not challenged.  Programming is something that intrigues me, gets me going, makes me feel like I'm getting smarter.  I know... I'm a nerd.  This makes me laugh because a previous instructor called me, "A closet programmer".  I wouldn't go that far.  But, I am eager to write a program.  :-) 


mylifeastina said...

I take a pill each night or on nights I know I will need them.. the nights my head is making a list after list and doesnt stop. My Dr gave them to me. I love them. Let me know if you would like to try one. I only take a half pill of Trazadone (25 mg)... See this site about it.

I truly love it. I can still be alert enough to take care of Hunter or do anything I need if I need to be awake but the list making part of my head stops. It is the greatest stuff for me. I would be more than willing to have you try one or you can talk to your dr first

Christina said...

Tina - thx for the info about the Trazadone. I was on it last Summer... and ran out of pills and I'm weird and just won't ask for more. I need to just ask my doc for more because they were just as awesome as you said. :-)

Bridget said...

Christina, I hate that you arent sleeping well, it makes it really hard to function. I wish I had some sort of remedy but I dont, Im sorry. Hope you can get some zzzz's soon.