Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pre-K Screening

The much anticipated preschool screening day finally arrived!
Calvin was excited from the second he opened his eyes this morning.
We've been talking about this for weeks.
I had been debating on whether or not to bribe him to play stupid... so he'd have a better chance of getting in. It's not easy to get into our pre-k. I decided to just let him be himself. That he'd win them over with his charm. :-)

We spent the morning getting ready. He insisted on having 'messy hair' (his hair gelled and spiked in the front). He said this made him look big like Caleb. And since the pre-k is at our town's grade school and Caleb goes there... well, this all made sense to Calvin... needed the messy hair. Over the last couple weeks he's told friends and family that he's going to preschool, that he will need help with his homework, and will have basketball games. Ummm... ok... I just played along.

Today as we entered the gymnasium, my precious baby Calvin warped into a preschooler with ideas, opinions, manners, and style. The testing instructor who was oh so very sweet took Calvin off to test while I filled out paperwork. I sat there, watching Calvin from across the gym... wondering how my little boy had grown up into a preschooler so quickly. I succeeded at keeping my emotions in check and my tears inside.

Then, a nice lady sat down next to me. Her adorable daughter was there for the preschool screening, too. We made chit chat while we filled out paperwork. She was older than me and asked who my parents were. After I said Doug Goeckner, she discovered that my dad was in her graduating class. She asked me to tell him hi for her. I tried to muster up the strength not to cry as I told her he had passed away. She said she never put 2 and 2 together when she heard the news of Dad's accident. She could tell I was hurting and apologized repeatedly. She was so sweet and never meant to upset me. Moments later, my cousin Jessica, who is the pre-k teacher, came over to say hi. My eyes were watering... small tears. I tried and tried to compose myself with a fake smile. She could see right through it. She was quick to rescue me by changing the subject and talking about her baby. Thank-you, Jessica!

I love our small little town. Everybody knows everybody. I'm surrounded by a community that genuinely cares. There are however moments like today with the nice lady that knew my Dad... that is tough.

Back to the pre-k screening. Calvin did a stellar job. I watched him sit with different testing personnel as they asked him to do various things. I was so proud of him. When I was called over to review the results, I was shocked to find that he wasn't/isn't perfect. I'm serious. I am that mother that insists her child is perfect. :-) Anyway, he did fairly well in all areas except speech. This was quite the shocker for me because - well, if you know Calvin, you know he talks non stop. Anyway, I was asked if I could understand most of what he says. I do understand him. But, I think most mothers understand what their child says... it's an unwritten language between mothers and their children. A language that even dads have a hard time learning. Anyway, I thought that Calvin talked very well. She said that he has a hard time saying certain letters. That some of these sounds should have already come to him and they'd like to do another screening with a speech pathologist next month. I smiled, nodded, and scheduled the appointment. As I walked away, my cousin Jessica who noticed my concern about needing a speech pathologist, assured me that she has several students that go to the speech pathologist and that it is really no big deal. Whew... that made me feel a lot better!

Afterwards I took Calvin to McDonalds to use the McD $ Grandma Susan and Grandpa Tom gave him for Valentine's Day. :-)

I have no idea when we'll find out if he's accepted into pre-K. I'll be sure to post when I find out.


Dawn said...

WHAT??? Calvin has NO issues speaking. Seriously? Does she need her ears cleaned? I have no problem understanding him. Grr. Now, I'm upset.

Bridget said...

I had no idea you had to be accepted into pre-k. Wow its serious stuff so early these days:)

tara @ kidz said...

What about 'No Child left Behind?' It's a bit much for sure.

Bridget said...

hey how do you change the date on a post?

Sarah D said...

Maybe the speech issues will put him into pre-k, I know how it is really wanting them to get in!

Last year Jack got lucky and got a spot about a month before it started. Getting that letter in the mail was like getting an acceptance letter to Harvard!

Candy said...

Don't be concerned about the speech issue. It is more of a pronunciation issue. These small things that parents sometimes don't think of makes a difference in how they learn to create words and sentences in the school years to come. My son Cody had to go through speech in 1st grade (imagine my shock and horror). He had issues with the letter "L" and once it was explained to me, it made sense. I then realized this was something I thought he would outgrow but not the case. He was in speech for a few months and problem solved. If the speech therapist you are going to see is Vickie Simmons, she is awesome. Don't be alarmed because I now know that MANY kids require this service and it is a blessing for the years to come with school progress.

Wendy said...

Sounds like Calvin did a great job!! I wouldn't fret too much about the speech thing. I'm glad they caught it this early to be honest w/ you.

I got a call from Caleb's teacher a few weeks back and she told me she was concerned w/ Caleb's S's & C's and had the speech teacher meet w/ him occasionally to be sure she was right and the speech teacher was unnerved that this hadn't been caught sooner and frankly so was I. Matt and I thought he spoke well and if there were any "problems" the school would have notified us. Well he's in 4th grade now and they just noticed this!! Now he has to go to speech class 2 X's a week and WASN'T very happy about it.

A parent has to do what a parent has to do and I really hope this hasn't been caught too late. It is much easier to correct a problem when they are younger and learning how to read and write and not now.

Anyway, sorry bout the book but moral of the story is: Calvin is very, very smart and will do fine if speech is needed. Try not to get too down about it. If you have any questions, call me.