Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Ohhh So Very Hip Planner

Do you use a day planner/organizer?
If you do, you probably know that a really cool one is hard to come by at a price you can swallow.

You might remember that I purchased an adorable planner through Wal-Mart's photo lab that has Calvin's picture on the front. It is adorable. Of course it is... my son is on the cover (I'm more than a little biased ;-) ). Well, the planner itself is not perfect. The spiral bounding does not hold very well. The front and back covers were always falling off. I could see where this was going... around mid-June my planner would be ruined and I'd be left to find another planner 1/2 way through the year and then transfer all appointments to the new planner. It would be a headache. So, I started researching new planners. I wanted something cool, hip, modern, and Mom friendly. It also had to fit in my handbag because I take my planner everywhere. I'm lost without this appointment/time/life/holiday/schedule/homework organizational must have.

I checked out Mom Agenda's pink planner. It's cute. But, I wasn't sure if it had all that I needed and space and let's face it, it's not exactly cheap.

Then I found Truly Mom. I love the pink patent leather one. And it has aaallllll of those awesome note sections. Looks perfect for me! But, the price was far from perfect. I just can't justify the cost right now.

Tonight, at Wal-Mart, I glanced over the planners they had. A few caught my eye, but they weren't perfect - wrong size or wrong color, etc. I'm picky. I found the planner I used 2006 and 2007. It was a good one. Never let me down. But, I didn't want to use the same planner... again... Luckily, this planner can be customized with just a little creativity.

Planner before the makeover (the baby is cute - and you can put in your own picture):
Planner after the makeover
I took out the baby insert from above and replaced it with this:
This picture doesn't do it justice. It really is awesome!
I am learning to really love Photoshop!
And if you're wondering, this planner was like $8.00ish! :-)
Can't beat that!!!


MrsRuholl said...

How cool!!! That is very creative. It makes me wanna make one.

Dawn said...

That's awesome! Go you.

Sarah B. said...

That is such a great idea. I have two pictures stuffed in the folder area to at least take away from the ugly scene on the planner...I LOVE PLANNERS AND CALENDERS! Can't live without mine. :) And you my dear are super creatvie, love it.

Mommynightowl said...

it looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Super cool! I wish I could do/make stuff like that!

Wendy said...

How super cute!!! I'm jealous! You do such good work.