Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Birthday Week

Hi. My name is Christina. I just had a birthday week. It was fabulous. My husband rocks at gift giving. Here is a run-down of my week:

SUNDAY 2/1/09: Dinner at Ruby Tuesday's with Mom and fam. Yumm-O. Thanks, Phil and Ashley for picking up our tab - you rock!

MONDAY 2/2/09: Chris and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary as man and wife. I love my husband - you all know that. He knows that. I want to shout it out to the whole wide world!

TUESDAY 2/3/09: Went to a 5 & 6th grade basketball game to watch our niece Paige cheer! Then, we met up with family at Tricia's basketball game.

WEDNESDAY 2/4/09: I woke-up to 3 text messages alertting me of class cancellations!!! I didn't have to go to school!!!! YAY!

THURSDAY 2/5/09: Tiffany's 27th birthday!!! Also, I met up with Dawn for a hot chocolate date... well that's what we call it but we went to Steak and Shake. I needed that. She totally understands me and doesn't judge my irraticness. Thank-you, Dawn. Also, saw Becky, Kayla, and Tricia there. Nice surprise. Got to catch up w/ them a bit. Afterwards I talked to Tiffany for like 45 minutes. We have both been so busy that we haven't had a chance to catch up on each other's lives. Craziness.

FRIDAY 2/6/09: Calvin and I just weren't getting things done very efficiently in the A.M. Had to go back home twice before actually getting on the road to school. We missed my first class. Surprisingly I wasn't stressed about it like I normally would be. After school I went to Tuscola shopping. It was nice. Got some fabulous deals. Then, back to Mattoon to pick up Calvin and meet Chris at 3:00 pm. We headed to Champaign for a little shopping, dinner at Olive Garden, a trip to Barnes and Noble, and ICE SKATING!!! It was a pre-birthday celebration. :-) I love my husband for getting the whole birthday week concept. :-)

SATURDAY 2/7/09: MY BIRTHDAY!!! I had a hard time waking up. Something just wanted to keep me in bed all day. I could hear Chris and Calvin stirring around the house waiting for me to wake-up to give me my presents. Their excitement motivated me to get out of bed. Have I mentioned that my husband rocks??? Well, he does! Dina (my laptop) got a boyfriend. His name is Brutus. He is sleek, shiny, and oh so very big... 26" to be exact! Yes - Chris got me a huge monitor! Now, Dina and Brutus will live happily ever after while providing me w/ HiDef resolution. :-)
Since Calvin spent the afternoon at his Dad's, Chris and I went to the movies. I tricked him into watching "He's Just Not That Into You." He thought it was going to be a comedy... heheheee... :-) In the evening we went to Tricia's last regular season basketball game and then out to eat. We had ice cream cake (but it was a Valentine's Day cake because it looked the best!) when Calvin got home from his Dad's. Chris and Calvin both sang Happy Birthday to me and Calvin helped me blow out my candles after I insisted that we all make birthday wishes.

SUNDAY 2/8/09: We had brunch at Mom's. She and Clay made an awesome spread of breakfast delights. We got to see my brothers and Cooper! He still loves his Aunt Christina and really wanted to come home with me. Too bad his Dad said no. :-(

I need to send a very special thank-you to Chris, Calvin, and all of my friends and family that gave me a wonderful birthday week. Thank-you! My birthday was harder than I ever imagined. Not because I'm 27... but because nobody told me that my Dad wouldn't call on my birthday. I mean... I know, he's not here, he's gone, he's in heaven and AT&T hasn't found away to get a signal up there... but seriously, nobody told me. I wasn't prepared for the heartache that would overcome me. I spent much of my birthday sad and crying. I am soooo happy that we celebrated Friday because I just wasn't much in the mood yesterday. Now, it is Sunday. I am still in a funk. I want to cry and sleep and shut myself off from the rest of the world for awhile. And Chris left to go back to work. I wanted to cling to him when he left. I feel like I need him today. Like I just can't do this alone. But, I know I can. I am strong. I know this is all just because I'm an emotional wreck.

Tomorrow is Monday... I am going to have a good week. That is not a question, but rather a statement. We have a busy basketball regionals week! Can't miss out on the BBall action!


Bridget said...

Christina, I'm glad you had a good birthday week. I hate that you were so sad on your actual birthday..hugs...Hope you have a good Monday, ttyl.

Dawn said...

((hugs)) and lots of them. I'm glad the week was fab even if the actual day was crappy. I can't imagine the heartache but I can cry with you. Any day. Any time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing birthday week! :) Wish I could have had a chance to celebrate with you, too.

Wendy said...

I'm glad to hear everyone kept you so busy on your very special Birthday week. Even though these are difficult times for you, keep your chin up and count on your family and friends to get you through. We love you, don't ever forget that!