Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Frank and Beans

I got a few recent complaints of no new posts.
Over the weekend, I'd thought of things to blog about... now I can't remember any of them. Ugh. Anyway, here are some updates:

1.) Today Calvin is sick. He had a temperature yesterday afternoon. Inspite of his temp, we took him to Mom's for lasagna night. He wasn't himself. Very sluggish. I took the opportunity to rock my baby Calvin to sleep last night. It won't be long before he won't ever let me. This morning he woke up feeling even worse. He's still in my bed. We've both been in and out of sleep all morning. I hope he gets better soon.

2.) Somebody I know has sore boobs... this is a BIG deal - in a GOOD way! Keep this special, secret intention in your prayers.

3.) This morning while I was zipping up Calvin's pj's after he took off his pull-up, I got part of his balls in the zipper. Yes, I know... you're picturing the Frank and Beans scene from There's Something About Mary. It wasn't that bad. Calvin was not a bleeder. But, there were lots of tears. I apologized profusely. Poor guy!

4.) I have been sick for about a month and a half. Not really sick, just nauseas. No... I'm not pregnant! Although I know someone named
Dawn who has a blog that really wishes I were prego! I think the nausea came from doubling my daily meds. It sucks though. Last night at Mom's I couldn't eat. I thought I'd throw up. And it was LASAGNA... one of my favorites! I'll be going to the doc in the next couple weeks to get it all straightened out.

5.) I'm still not sleeping well. It sucks. I have a lot on my mind. More on that coming soon.

6.) Dawn is asking for prayers for her Mother. Please read more at
Stronger Than Cancer. Her mother has made a lasting impression on my life. She will always have a special place in my heart. It kills me to watch her battle cancer. Through it all, she has been so strong - even remaining the strong one in the family that always finds the positive. She is a remarkable woman. Please, please, please pray for her. Pray that they find a doctor to do the much needed operation to help her breathe. Pray that someone finds a cure for cancer so that she, and the millions of others, are saved. Pray for her family. Thank-you.

7.) Calvin just yelled (or attempted to) with his sweet raspy voice, "Mom, wanna hop in bed with meeee?" That's what being a mom's all about. :-)

Ashley, I hope this suffices as a new post. :-) Glad you read the blog! YAY! Now that you've admitted that you're stalking me, you can leave comments - as Anonymous. Just put your 1st name at the end of your comment so I know it's you. Looking forward to bowling w/ you guys this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Ok so I'm not a stalker but my life is boring and have to find enjoyment somewhere. . HAHA This will be good today but looking forward for tommorow's post! I hope you and Calvin get feeling better soon. at least by Saturday. . . It was sad last night seeing Calven not acting as himself :( Ashley

Dawn said...

Okay, so thanks for the prayer request.

And can I just say I cringed when I read about Calvin's balls and the zipper? I mean wow. Makes me glad I don't have something swinging between my legs.

Chris said...

Just so everyone doesn't think our son is freeballin' all the time, the reason his stuff was exposed to the zipper is because he takes his pullup off in the morning and doesn't put underwear back on. He usually does this 1st thing when he wakes up (before we are up on the weekends and while I'm getting ready for work on the weekdays).

MrsRuholl said...

OMG... Owwww!!!