Sunday, January 11, 2009


Back/neck/butt cheek spasms are back. 
Yes, back. 
Because they were gone. 
Gone while we were in Florida. 
Gone even in the long car ride there and back. 
Gone while we walked and walked through the Disney parks. 
We have been back a couple weeks. 
Seems like every day they get worse. 
Chris has been a massage angel. 
He has been so patient and willing to help. 
Thank-you, honey. 
I love you. 
Even little Calvin has been offering to rub my back. 
He knows how to use his fist to rub really hard. 
I love him. 
He's so sweet. 
I'm truly blessed with Chris and Calvin. 

I want to go on vacation. 
Is your blog giving a vacation giveaway???
If so, I want to enter! 
I want to go where I don't hurt. 

Is anyone giving away a massage??? 
I'll take that, too! 


Dawn said...

If you find the massage and vacation giveaways, let me know. I wanna win too!

And I have some opinions on the reasons for the spasms being back...

C said...

I would see a muscular therapist (massage). It really works wonders for that sort of thing if done by someone who focuses on injuries (not just feel-good).

Amanda M said...

Sorry to hear this. Hope it gets better soon, although massages are great! Wish I could get my husband to do that!

Anonymous said...

Could it be stress related???? I wonder???? Bridget