Monday, January 26, 2009

Green Eggs Without Ham

Saturday Calvin asked for Green Eggs And Ham for lunch.
Interesting choice.
I rented that movie for him the day before.
He insisted that green eggs and ham looked delicious.
Since I didn't have any ham, I made him green eggs (scrambled with cheese).
This totally made Calvin's day.
He got to stir in the green food coloring.

Since Saturday he has talked on and on about his green eggs.

Today I was in the shower.
Calvin came running into the bathroom yelling, "I gotta poop! I gotta poop, Mom!"
He did his business and I continued showering.
A few minutes later Calvin said the funniest thing I've ever heard on a Monday, "Mom, I pooped out my green eggs!!!" He repeated it over and over. :-) I laughed sooo hard!


Dawn said...

Haha. Nice. I'm, quite unfortunately ;-) getting a visual!

Bridget said... funny!

Amanda M said...

Great story...just hope Dawn's blog stalker isn't reading this...they may have something to say! lol

Amber M said...

Those are so cool to make for kids that have read the book or seen a movie like that. The preschoolers had those a while back at the daycare I work at.