Thursday, January 29, 2009

A fellow bloggers deployment

I want to introduce you to my friend Patricia from Ground Control To Major Mom.  We've never met, but it's like we have because of the Air Force.  We were both active duty and now she is in the USAF Reserves.  Right now she is deployed to the same base I was in Qatar.  She is away from her husband and two adorable sons.  She is so strong.  I admire her commitment to her service to our country.  I am proud of her and proud to know her. 
She recently made a trip to Doha, the capital of Qatar.  She posted pix that I thought you would all enjoy.  Doha is an extremely beautiful city.  The architecture and art throughout the city are stunning.  Click here!

Since I can't find my pix of Doha, thought I'd share a pic of me and my favorite TCN's from the night shift latrine crew. 


Bridget said...

Christina, Hey i dont have your new email so i was just sending you a reminder about those stylist aprons, I am so excited:) Thanks for the talk Thursday it nice to talk to someone who doesnt look at me with pity when i talk about the fam, it means so much.

Major Mom said...

So one day, I start to get Blogspot here! I didn't know you had posted this, how sweet! Anyway, it's a hoot that you've been here too -- you're probably finding that the place is now much different than when it was "Camp Andy!".

I'm going home soon -- my replacement is here and I should be good to go by the end of this upcoming week! Whoo hoo! I love what I'm doing but I definitely miss my babies terribly!