Monday, January 19, 2009

Fabulous! It's Fabulous!

I have been given TWO awards. Both the same award. Both from amazing women.

The first came from Tracie @ Coffee With The Crain's.
The second came from my best friend, Dawn @ Must Love Tots.

Ladies, you made my weekend. Thank-you. (((hugs))) to both of you!

The rule of the award is to list 5 things I am addicted to.
Here goes!

1.) Coach.
I LOVE COACH! I have a few - that I treat like priceless jewels. These are my prizes. I don't buy a lot of handbags (atleast not in comparison to my mother). So, I save up and buy one on special occasions.

2.) Calvin.
I am obsessed with my son. Seriously. As if you all didn't already know! Haven't you seen the thousands of pictures??? I'm crazy about him! He's the sunshine on my cloudy days. He knows how to put a smile on my face. And I am obsessed with showering him with love.

3.) Shoes.
I love, Love, LOVE shoes! Shoes are the accessory that completes the look. They can make a drab outfit fabulous! I don't have nearly as many shoes as I'd like. But what woman does??? I'm sure Chris would disagree with me. He thinks I have too many shoes. No such thing as too many shoes! I love heels and flats and boots and casual shoes and flip flops. I love them all. Due to my always running around lifestyle I rarely wear heels. I wear lots of flats. Dawn has taught me lots of fashion in the flats area! She's got the mother load of flats!

4.) Lip gloss
I am not a lipstick wearing kind of girl. Never really have been. On rare occasions I paint some on. But, I do wear lip gloss. So fun. So casual. But so flirty and chic. My favorite and must have in my purse is Lancome Juicy Tubes. I got addicted to these when I was deployed in 2003-2004. My favorite color is Spring Fling. But, good-luck finding it often at your local department store... Macy's and Elder Beerman are always out!

5.) Hello. My name is Christina and I am addicted to blogging.
Blogging is so therapeutic for me. I get to rant and rave about bad days, mean people, and daily annoyances. BUT, I also get to meet new friends online. The kind of friends that are there for me even though we've never met. They get me. I have so much in common with so many of the people I blog with. Thank-you for always being there for me. For laughing with me. And for lending a virtual shoulder when I needed to cry.


Now, I have to pass this award on. Since I got it twice... I guess I need to pick TWO blogs to pass it onto.

* Wendy @ Every Mountain You Climb Are Memories You Treasure. She is my sister in law - and so much more. What started out as enemies has turned into a friendship that I treasure. She is an inspiration. Thank-you for being you.

* Sarah @ Sarah B and Family. I haven't known Sarah very long. Infact, we've never met. And yet I feel a closeness to her. She types from the heart and expresses her true feelings. I truly enjoy her blog. Check it out!


Dawn said...

I love the shoes you have posted on there and want them.

And did you get the other award I gave you???

Chris said...

I didn't even make the list. Hmm, I see where I rate.

Wendy said...

Thanks C ~
I don't know what I'd do w/ out you!

Amber M said...

I have to agree on the Coach and lipgloss. I love both of those things too.