Tuesday, December 30, 2008

VMDV Snippet: Unending rollercoaster.

VMDV (very merry Disney vacation)

Chris and I shared the task of driving to and from Florida. 
I was driving through Tennessee. 
I was in the foot hills. 
I didn't think much of it....
til the speed limit dropped to like 30mph on the interstate when we reached the Smokey Mountains!
It was dark. 
I hate driving in the dark. 
The hills were steep, steep, steep! 
The curves were winding! 
I was freaked out to say the least. 
It gets worse. 
So, I'm going down a big hill. 
Really big!
There are semi's infront and behind me. 
They don't like to brake on the big hills. 
They probably cussed me out. 
I wanted to creep down the hill at like 20mph. 
They don't slow down on big hills. 
They flew by me on the way down...
swerving to get around me. 
I'd fly by them on the way up. 
Repeat at least 4 times. 
Chris was holding on for dear life. 
I couldn't pull over. 
I remember going down a very steep hill...
where I couldn't see the bottom...
only darkness. 
It was like an unending rollercoaster!
10 and 2.  10 and 2. 
I looked like a grandma driving. 
So, I want to apologize to the truckers. 
I really am sorry. 
I probably put all of our lives in danger. 
Uncle Kevin, if you were one of those semi drivers, I hope you can forgive me. 

Moral of the story:  Let your husband drive while you sleep.  :-) 

Needless to say, on the way home from Florida, Chris drove through the mountains. 


Jamee said...

I love your post, I felt like I was on a rollercoaster while I was reading. Super creative. Also, I have drove through the mountains many times with my mom and grandma, I needed a BIG drink after each trip. It wasn't so bad for me, but very bad for the 2 back seat drivers that were in the car with me.

Aubrey said...

When we have went to the Smokies, Chris drives in the mountains while I cower in the passenger seat grabbing the Oh Shit handle!! I honestly feel bad for you having to do that, at night no less!

Kim said...

I would have been freaked out too!!!!

Hope you and your family have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!