Monday, December 8, 2008

Uncle Rick as St. Nick?

Friday night St. Nick Came. 
He brought yummy candies and Christmas movies for us all to enjoy.  :-) 
St. Nick is good to us! 
For the first time, Calvin is really starting to understand the holidays.  But there's one thing he still doesn't get about St Nick... he calls him Uncle Rick. 
It's cute. 
I'm guessing he is referring to Rick A.  Calvin spent the night w/ Tricia A. A few weeks ago and had fun playing w/ Uncle Rick.  Calvin believes that Uncle Rick snuck into our house and left the candy and movies.  Without a doubt, Rick definitely climb up Calvin's coolometer!  I'm sure Uncle Rick will have a great big hug coming his way next time we see him! 


Wendy said...

Calvin is so cute. Caleb didn't get too excited about St. Nick this year. All he said to me when he opened the front door was "See mom, I told you he came tonight." then he went out and got our mail in and left the bowl sitting on the front porch and had me carry it in. I know he's growing up now. Wow 10 years old in exactly 2 weeks :-(
Moral of the story: Cherish the time when Calvin's young. You can never get it back. All you'll have is memories. He's a special little guy who brings many smiles to a lot of people. We are lucky mom's ya know.

Dawn said...

That is cute. SO cute.