Saturday, December 27, 2008


We just hit the Florida/Georgia border.  We're on our way home.  :-(  Vacations never really last long enough!  Our trip was WONDERFUL! 

The drive to Florida was long, but Calvin was very, very, very good.  That definitely helped!  We stopped around 3:30 a.m. at the Florida Welcome Center rest area to sleep a few hours.  I'll admit that I slept most of the time between Atlanta and the Florida state line. 

Before I begin to tell you about our Disney adventures, I gotta tell you all that Calvin is the perpetual worrier.  Seriously.  He's 3.  He worries like crazy over silly things.  He's deathly afraid of losing me or Chris and will cry if he can't see us.  He is so concerned that often his reactions to new and exciting things seems very mild.  He doesn't get excited about much when he's around large groups of people.  He can be very reserved.  So, when I post the pictures on here (later - give me a few days) you will notice some concerned expressions.  I often wish he could let loose and enjoy life in the moment.  I guess I should set a better example for him. 

On with the adventurous stories

After checking in at our resort, we took a quick nap and headed to Disney World's Magic Kingdom.  We arrived there at night and took the ferry ride to the main gate.  The ferry ride across the lake with Cinderella's Castle up ahead got us in the Disney spirit.  The castle was lit up with thousands of white Christmas lights.  It was beautiful!  We got there in time to ride the big carousel and Dumbo's flight.  Then, the awesome parade. 

On Christmas Eve we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  If you've been on the safari there, you know what I'm talking about when I say it was AMAZING!  It was soooo cool!  It really looked like Africa and the animals were free to come close to the jeep thingy.  We had to take a detour because there were 2 rhinos blocking the road!  The Tree of Life was waaaayyyy cool, too!  We also got to meet Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore! 

After leaving Animal Kingdom we headed to Downtown Disney for some much needed souvenior shopping and dinner at Planet Hollywood.  Chris and Calvin really liked the life-like Lego displays.  I have to admit they were pretty cool!!! 

Christmas morning we awoke to a table full of presents from Santa underneath our stockings hanging from the dining room light fixture!  Calvin loved all of his presents, especially his "buckn' bad" dinosaurs and his new shotgun (fake).  Yes, I said shotgun.  I have always been against him having play guns at our house.  But, then I realized he's a boy, loves to pretend to hunt everything, enjoys time at anyone else's house because they have guns for him to play with, AND we are Republican... so we do promote guns!  ;-)  heheheee.  Anyway, Calvin spent much of Christmas morning hunting his dino's with his new gun!  I really enjoyed watching him play with his gifts.  Then, Chris gave me a card.  Okay, let me back up a second:  Chris and I decided not to get each other anything for Christmas since we were going on this trip.  Even last week we agreed that we weren't going to be that couple that says they aren't going to buy anything but then do.  So, on Christmas morning when he presented me with this card... well, I felt really guilty for not getting him anything.  He got me the most beautiful card that said all of the right things.  And if that wasn't enough, he got me a $50 gift card.  :-)  He's such a sweetie! 

After Christmas morning mass, we ate breakfast at IHOP.  It was delicious!!!  Mmmmm... good!  :-)  Afterwards we headed to Disney's Magic Kingdom.  We enjoyed it all, including a magical Disney presentation at Cinderella's castle, a very cool Christmas parade, and visiting with:  Cinderella, Snow White, Mickey, and Minnie.  The biggest disappointment was that we waited in a llllloooooonnnnnggggg line to see the Disney Princess's because Calvin is in love with Sleeping Beauty.  She stood Calvin up and was a no show.... ugh.... heartache.  :-( 

We had Christmas dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse.  It was pretty good.  The experience and having the chef make your food in an entertaining way right at your table is what makes it so cool!  Calvin really enjoyed his onion soup... which I was surprised by.  After dinner we went for a swim at our resort's pool.  Yeah, I said SWIMMING!  :-)  I was thinking of our family freezing back home in Illinois... the water was sooo warm... ;-)  Chris pretended to be a shark and chased us around the pool.  I hadn't laughed so hard in a very long time. 

Our final day at Disney we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  We weren't sure how much we'd like it, but we REALLY did!  Calvin met Woody and Buzz Lightyear!  Then, during the Block Party Parade, Little Bo Peep hugged and played with Calvin and even took Calvin's new Woody doll to show the REAL Woody.  After the party got started, Woody himself came over to Calvin and danced with him!!!  :-)  It was soooo cool!  We also watched a very cool Indiana Jones stunt show that was like being on the set of a movie in the making.  So much action, fight scenes, and explosions!  It was AWESOME!  :-)  After Hollywood Studios and dinner at Macaroni Grill we went swimming one last time. 

Today we went to Cape Canaveral's Cocoa Beach.  The waves were impressive.  The weather was perfect.  The water was a bit chilly.  But, that didn't stop my darling husband from getting in.  He tried to get Calvin further out there, but Calvin seemed overwhelmed and worrisome.  Later he told me that he was afraid the waves were going to get me and that scared him.  Awww.... how sweet, right? 

Overall our trip was FANTASTIC!  We missed family over Christmas, but I still think this was the best thing for us this year.  Christmas would have been very hard for me this year without my Dad.  But, I doubt we ever vacation over Christmas again - especially to Disney!  It was extremely busy!  We definitely want to go back some day, just during a slower season. 

I'll have pictures ready to post in the next couple days and then I'll post a link for where I post all of our Disney pix. 

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Amanda M said...

I am so glad that you had a good time. I am sure that type of vacation would have been good for me this year! It was NOT easy that is for sure.