Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today my mother celebrated her 29th birthday.  Yes, 29.  Because we're not counting over 30 and yes... her looks are deceiving... she really is over 30!  But anyway, she is 29 again today!  YAY!  Calvin and I took her to the Hilton for lunch.  Calvin gave her a Madagascar Move It card and pink pearl earrings.  I gave her a beautiful card signed Olive Juice and a Tiffany's necklace.  She loved her gifts.  I loved that she smiled.

I hope you enjoyed your 29th birthday!!!  Looking forward to another year filled with laughter, smiles, and shopping!  Enjoy your Post-Birthday Day*! 
Olive Juice

*Everybody knows that if you don't get a birthday week, you at least get a Birthday Eve, Birthday, and Post-Birthday Day.  :-) 


Sarah B said...

Happy Birthday to Christina's Mom! My friends and I thought we wanted to stop at 29 but we have found a way to avoid getting past our 20's without lying. Like this year I turned 20-12!

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much for my Tiffany's necklace!!!! A big hug for my awesome grandson for the pink pearls!!! I had a wonderful 29th birthday!!
olive juice!

Dawn said...

Love the gifts...Happy Birthday Momma!