Friday, December 12, 2008

Gourmet Masterpieces

Tonight the magic happens!
Tonight we start the detailed art of designing beautiful Christmas Candy Masterpieces.

Dawn and Tiffany are coming over tonight for a baking sleepover.
By tomorrow afternoon our delicacies should be perfected.


Sarah D said...

OHHH buckeyes sound so good. SO So good.

I may have to do some searching online today for a recipe.

Sarah B said...

Oh my....sounds delicious. Fudge and pretzels...yum. Ok, but what is a buckeye? And to answer your question about "Pink Christmas"...I will write a whole blog about's not VS although I do have one pair of their sweats and they are my absolute favorite. :)
And just over a week until you get to go to excited for you!!

Dawn said...

OMG. Tons of compliments on the treats. Must triple the oreo truffles next year.