Monday, November 24, 2008

Kohl's Black Friday Sales

Kohl's has advertised Black Friday sales. 
I'm not going to list a lot here bc let's face it... Kohl's ALWAYS has a sale going on! 
For their Black Friday sales, click here
This sale did catch my eye. 
Cashmere sweaters for ladies. 
Regularly $90-$100 (and that's at Kohl's low prices.  Cashmere is expensive!!!) 
Incase you want to get me one... my favorite colors would be black, grey, or white.  Oh, and I love argyle!  ;-) 


Kim said...

Thanks for listing all these deals!!!!

Jogging In Circles

Tracie said...

You are a wealth of knowledge today!!


Lisa said...

Kohls Black Friday sales are my all time favorite.