Sunday, November 9, 2008

Did I really smell that bad?!?

Picked out a shirt to wear this morning. 
Hadn't worn the shirt since I don't remember when.  Maybe a year or so. 
Put it on. 
A little time went by. 
Kept smelling a horrible odor. 
Didn't know what it was. 
Not the trash. 
Not the refrigerator. 
Not Calvin. 
Seemed that I smelled it the most when I moved. 
How odd. 
Finally, smelled my arm pits. 
Took the shirt off.
Smelled my armpits... fresh and cleen. 
Smelled the shirt. 
It was the was rank! 
As gross as this sounds, I must not have washed the shirt after it was worn last.  It must have been hung up dirty by mistake.  Makes me wonder if I really smelled that bad once.  Or had normal body odor manifested into pure stench over time?  I'm just glad I didn't leave the house today smelling like that!!! 


Dawn said...

I'm sorry but I'm LMAO. Very classy. And something I can so see the both of us doing. Hahahaha....

Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

Dawn, This is one of my fav shirts that I don't wear too often anymore bc I don't want to wear it out. It's the one I bought at Mango in London when we were there Easter weekend 2001. The same store I bought the linen pants... remember... I didn't realize you could see my underwear through them!
I had sooo much fun that weekend! I was so home sick and you totally made things better for me!

Aubrey said...

very funny!

Kimmylyn said...

I laughed out loud .. that was hysterical.. sorry about that.. lol