Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainbow Trout

It's Monday morning.  I'm sitting in my 1st class of the day.  We had a quiz.  I didn't do so great.  I'm not focused what-so-ever.  However, I am feeling much better than yesterday... where I spent the better part of the day hugging my toilet.  Stupid Rainbow Trout's (drink of choice Sat. night)!  If you want details from the night talk to Tricia, Darrin, Mitch, or Jason (cousins)... however, they probably don't remember too much either.  Ask Aunt Dawn who was a saint and drove me home.  Does anyone know where the big bruise below my left knee came from or why my right ankle is killing me??? 
I don't think I will be drinking any alcohol for a long time!  This hangover sucks! 


Dawn said...

I'm trying not to laugh...unsuccessfully! But I've had too many of those nights myself and can totally relate. Probably why I rarely drink anymore!

Kimmylyn said...

Oh man.. I so know about these kind of nights.. I am sending hugs again to you..