Monday, October 13, 2008

A Personal Hairy Question

Rarely do I go this personal in my posts. But, since most of my readers are women I thought I'd run a question/situation/scenerio by you.

Do you take care of hair on your bikini line?

If the answer is no, feel free to stop reading, now. Otherwise, continue on...

I have tried several ways to remove this unwanted hair on my bikini line. From Veet to shaving to home waxing kits to special, sensitive Nair creams, etc. I bought an epilator, similar to this model. I love it for my arm pits and it does okay for my bikini line. But, I still get bumps, ingrown hairs, and sometimes a swelling lump. Recently, I switched back to shaving - thinking it would fix the problem. Nope - not even with Aveeno shaving gel. I'd happily get the laser hair removal done... if only we had that kind of money. Heck, I hate body hair so much that I'd get my legs, arms, arm pits, eye brows, bikini line, and upper lip done... if only we had the money...

What do you do to prevent this???

I've read articles saying this could be some sort of bacteria thing... ok so I started using my facial cleanser on the area. I have even recently started putting Neosporin on after shaving. Many articles stress the need to scrub with an antibacterial soap before and after shaving and even an astringent. This seems like so much work - but I guess it's better than this unsightly situation.

So ladies, don't be shy. Help me out, here!


mylifeastina said...

Let me know if you find out. I even bought stuff off the Internet called.. Vanish My Bumps. It is a roll on astringent. It seems to bring things to the surface but I like you still get very painful ingrown hairs and bumps.. It is gross. Lately this is what I have been trying. I am shaving with the grain of the hair and I have been shaving everyday, since I started this.. I dont get painful bumps any more and it took a couple of days to see a difference but going with the grain doesnt always get the hair.. it has elimnated bumps and now that I do it daily it is starting to get all of the hair
Hope this helps. Im still trying to find a solution!

Anonymous said...

I go through razor blades like crazy...changing every other day.

But hey - it gets rid of the plucked-chicken look!!!

Dawn said...

I always shave with the hair. And I'm a slave to Bikini Zone gel. I don't shave if I don't have any. And I also trim up beforehand.