Monday, October 13, 2008

Is it Monday or Tuesday??? It's so confusing!

monday, Monday, Monday! Yes, today was Monday. It's almost Tuesday. Tuesdays are great. No classes. No alarm to wake me up. No schedule to follow. No rules. No expectations... just a play day for me and the Calvster. :-)


Here are some random things from our Monday.
1.) Calvin and I are totally loving the Cookies & Cream (like Oreo) Pop-Tarts! We eat them on the way to school.

2.) I had to carry my Aveeno anti-itch cream at school to reapply as necessary. Those darn bugs really left their mark on me!

3.) Calvin loves his Home Depot cardboard box house! It has a door and windows that open and close. There's even a roof! Unfortunately we both won't fit in the box house. Just one at a time... and well, I don't share well... poor Calvin... j/k! lol. :-) Anyway, we have used crayons to color parts of the house. On Tuesday we may get out the acrylic paints and really make it colorful!

4.) It really stinks, literally, to sit next to the stinky person in class. Seriously dude, shower!

5.) I have made a friend in my Intro To Networking course. It's the first class of the day @ 0900. Remember, I don't do well w/ people or life before 0900. So, he graciously gives me his homework to copy. I think he sees the pre-0900-evilness in me. ;-) Thanks dude! I owe you! I will hook him up w/ some answers to our Computer Logic course. :-)

6.) Calvin talks to himself. I swear I've heard himself answer back. So tonight I was on the phone w/ my mom while I was tucking Calvin into bed. He was being squirrely and laying on my lap while I talked to her. He started talking in a soft voice and I asked him what he needed. He casually replied, "I am talking to myself." So, I told my mom this and that I think his-self talks back sometimes. Calvin obviously overheard me. He looked at me very seriously and said, "Mom, I only have one mouth. Myself can't talk back because I don't have two mouths." The logic of a 3 year old. :-) I thought to myself, "If he had 2 mouths would his-self talk???" But I didn't dare ask him. ;-)

7.) The Hairy post hasn't gotten a lot of comments. But to the ones I have gotten... I'll let you know if I find a magic cure for razor burn, ingrown hairs, etc. I have gotten a few emails and there have been a couple phone conversations that have turned to this topic since the post. Tonight, BFF Tiffany and I seriously talked about it for like 30 minutes... then we laughed because saying "We talked about pubic hair for 30 minutes" sounded hilarious!!!
Here are some solutions I've heard of.
** a.) Shave with the grain of hair - never against it.
** b.) Clean, clean, clean the area before and after shaving.
** c.) If necessary, use an astringent on the area to kill bacteria.
** d.) Never reuse a razor blade (that sounds expensive!)
** e.) Always use shaving cream/gel.
** f.) Do not shave bikini line daily.
** g.) Apply unscented deoderant to bikini line after shaving.
** h.) Use an anti-bacterial cream on area after shaving.
** i.) Submerge bikini area in warm water before and after shaving.
Am I missing any??? Anyway, I'm still waiting for a miracle cure!

8.) My husband made me very, very, very happy tonight. Why? Can't tell you, yet. But, it is HUGE! :-) *No, it's not a baby brother or sister for Calvin

9.) My mother is the worst person ever at waiting to give gifts until the appropriate day. Case and point: Last Thursday we were over there for Lasagna night (yumm-o!). Mom calls me into the office to show me some gifts she got Cooper and Calvin for Christmas. Very cool stuff! I lecture her about the importance of waiting until Christmas. Until Calvin arrived, Mom used to show me my Christmas gifts before Christmas and then give them to me ahead of time and then buy all new to replace them for under the tree. Now, she does this to Cooper and Calvin - lucky them, but she's spending a ton of money. Anyway... so... we were saying our good-byes and about to head out the door when Mom tells Calvin to wait just one minute because she had something for him. She returned with a gift she had shown me just minutes beforehand: a Vtech laptop that has Thomas the Tank Engine on the font w/ an attached mouse. It does all sorts of cool learning things! Calvin LOVES it! He even pretends he can see Dad (Chris-Dad) on an imaginary webcam because we get to see Chris on my laptop's webcam. It's really very cute.

10.) Puppies = Puppy Poop. Poop needs relocated. Boys scoop poop, right? Is Calvin too young? ;-)

I am sitting here thinking that if all of this happened on a Monday when we spent a big portion of the day at school or traveling there and back... I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring. I guess tomorrow is now today - as in Tuesday. I get really confused with days when it's post midnight and I haven't been to sleep. ;-) Anyway, to all of you guys and gals reading this from work - Get Back To Work! Just kidding!!! :-) I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I am sure Calvin and I will be enjoying our day at home together!


Dawn said...

Love all the updates.

My mom's the same way with gifts.

Need to know the good news....

Kimmylyn said...

What Calvin said about talking to himself is hysterical.. out of the mouths of babes.. :)