Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is It Contagious?!?

Yesterday I reported my case of the Bloggy Flu. 
Cand the Bloggy Flu virus mutate into a horrible cold??? 

And this is why I ask.  After some much needed time with Dawn at Starbuck's until midnight last night, I returned home to find the lights on, my precious baby with a raspy cough, and my husband with a concerned look on his face.  Calvin was/is sick. 

  1. Matted eyes,
  2. Runny nose,
  3. Raspy cough, and
  4. Sore throat
He is acting better today.  But, he is still sick and worn out.  Poor little guy.  Even a Happy Meal didn't cure his symptoms!  So, you know it's serious!!! 

So is this a mutation of the Bloggy Flu virus... OR... is this the curse spoken of on Dawn's blog???  If you're a frequent reader of Must Love Tots, then you know what I'm talking about.  ;-)  hehehhee.  ;-)  Dawn, I'm totally joking!  But seriously, everytime we want to get together or actually get together, one of our kids get sick.  What's up with that?!? 

I'm hoping and praying that Calvin is feeling better by tomorrow afternoon to go trick-or-treating.  That reminds me that I need to finish up his costume today! 


Dawn said...

It's the curse. Let's hope it's not contagious or we're all screwed.

And I had a fab time last night! If a little thing like work didn't get in the way, I could have stayed longer.

Can't wait for the big P-tay Sat-day.

Major Mom said...

Hi! I've also been remiss in checking out friends' blogs lately. The AF training has been sucking the computer life out of me, I'm afraid. But I think I'm caught up now. I LOVE the Juno soundtrack that's on your playlist. You've reminded me to download many of the songs. Thanks!

Major Mom said...

Love the Juno soundtrack on your blog. I need to download it! I haven't been around to friends' blogs much either, the AF online training I've had to do to the desert trip has sucked the computing life out of me!