Friday, October 31, 2008

A Day In The Life Of...

A Day In The Life Of Presidential Hopeful,
John McCain

Senator John McCain is a regular person, just like you and me. Although he has a very hechtic life campaigning during these last 4 days, his routine isn't really much different than yours or mine.
A day in the life of John McCain...

The shit got really deep when John got his daily gossip dish from the Communist/Clinton News Network (CNN). Infact, the shit was sooo deep he had to put on his rubber boots!
See, John McCain puts his pants on 1 leg at a time like me and you!


He meets with citizens to discuss their concerns and needs. Lends a helping hand whenever he can.

He thanks local campaign volunteers for their hard work, long hours, and unending support.

Senator McCain takes the time to meet with Veterans like himself. He thanks them for their patriotism and for the job they have done to keep our flag flying high in true red, white, and blue colors.

John McCain never forgets his mother. He takes time out of his busy day to take her to the salon to get her eyebrows waxed.

He doesn't overlook the heroic duties of hometown fire fighters!

John McCain understands his friend, Joe the Plumber... or in this case, Louis the Construction Worker. He always keeps Joe/Louis's best interests in mind and works hard to keep money in the hands of the hard working citizens of our country.

He knows a pretty girl when he sees one!

By the looks of these pictures, it's obvious that John McCain does not discriminate. If you're a legal citizen of our great nation, he will be your friend and fight for your rights.

And last, but certainly not least, John McCain enjoys dinner with friends and family. He believes the American Family is the most valuable treasure our nation will ever have and he will fight night and day to keep it safe and secure.


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Anonymous said...


That was priceless!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest post ever! I love knowing that John McCain is just like you and me! I hope Calvin had a great time preparing for his future position as our president!

Anonymous said...

Christina, I love this blog! It turned out so cute. I also love how you had everyone talking in the shop when you guys left. Bridget

Aubrey said...

Very good costume, Calvin!! Looks like you had a great time...hope no one threw tomatoes at you, ha ha!

Chris said...

Calvin made a great John McCain! He was awesome at campaigning. I love how he was passing out McCain/Palin bumper stickers. His Mom did a great job making his costume. Some of the pictures look like a real, short version of John McCain! Good Job Calvin and Christina!

Sarah D said...


I hope you sent that to the McCain campaign!! I bet they would love it.

Calvin made a great Presidential hopeful, it looks like he really got into it (as did his mother)!


Kimmylyn said...

Hysterical.. like your friend Sarah said you should send this to their campaign team..they would love this..too cute..

Sarah B. said...

I absolutely LOVE this creative also. What a little trooper with all of his campaigning.

Jonathan Willenborg said...

mccains got my vote with this post

hncfarley said...

I am so impressed with this post. McCain has my vote. I agree with Sara B., all that campaigning surely wore him out!
Very cute.

Kocher Family said...

Very cute post! Let's hope we see him packing his bags in a few days for his trip to the White House ;)

Dawn said...

He was the cutest! And I love the fact that when I called him Calvin, he immediately corrected with "John McCain" in a very stern voice.