Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Calvin's Piggy Bank Savings

Conversation a couple nights ago while I was on the phone with Chris.

Chris and I blah blah blah - no idea what we were talking about.

Calvin to me: Mom, Dad bringing baby home from work?

Me not knowing how to respond: Here, talk to Dad. Ask him.

Calvin to Chris: You at work?

Chris: Yeah.

Calvin: You bring baby home from work?

Chris: Huh?

Calvin: Cooper no baby anymore. You bring baby home?

Chris, clueless on how to reply: Buddy, you cost too much money. We can't afford a baby.

Calvin: Oh.


On Monday afternoon while I was sweeping the kitchen floor:

Calvin: Mom, I'm sorry I cost too much money and we no get baby.

Me - speechless.


Just minutes ago.
Calvin walked into the living room carrying his two piggy banks. He looked so proud.

Calvin: See! Lots of money!!! Now we have a baby sister?

Me - speechless. :-)

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Weldon said...

That is too cute Calvin. Chris and Chris are in for it. The two of you are running out of excuses for this smart little guy. At least you know that when the two of you decide to add to the fam, the baby will have a brother that cares.