Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bloggy Flu

I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately.  I've had several blogger thoughts that I've wanted to share with you... but just wasn't bloggy enough to type them up.  I'm in a funk.  I am calling it the Bloggy Flu. 

Symptoms include but are not limited to: 
Inability to think in complete blogger mode
Failure to put blogger thoughts into bloggish (blog language)
Lack of enthusiasm for blogging
and finally, and this is the worst: 
No desire to read/stalk my favorite blogs!!! 

I promise to be back to my normal bloggy self soon!  I have lots to share, including how the Walk To Remember and Soup Supper went last weekend.  Incase this bloggy flu sticks around too long, I'll sum up the walk:  It Was Beautiful!  The walk around the park, through a wooded area was very serene.  My aunts did a dynamite job putting this on! 


Carolyn said...

I've been missing your blog entries! Glad you're okay... I'll keep checking in.
Have some chicken soup and wait for that Bloggy Flu to work it's way out.


Sorry I missed it! :-(

Amanda M said...

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the walk. I will definately attend next year! Your aunts did a fantastic job putting everything together!

Dawn said...

I get bloggy flu. It sucks. Had it last week and am the rebound this week.

But I think you are on the mend! ;)