Friday, October 31, 2008

A Day In The Life Of...

A Day In The Life Of Presidential Hopeful,
John McCain

Senator John McCain is a regular person, just like you and me. Although he has a very hechtic life campaigning during these last 4 days, his routine isn't really much different than yours or mine.
A day in the life of John McCain...

The shit got really deep when John got his daily gossip dish from the Communist/Clinton News Network (CNN). Infact, the shit was sooo deep he had to put on his rubber boots!
See, John McCain puts his pants on 1 leg at a time like me and you!


He meets with citizens to discuss their concerns and needs. Lends a helping hand whenever he can.

He thanks local campaign volunteers for their hard work, long hours, and unending support.

Senator McCain takes the time to meet with Veterans like himself. He thanks them for their patriotism and for the job they have done to keep our flag flying high in true red, white, and blue colors.

John McCain never forgets his mother. He takes time out of his busy day to take her to the salon to get her eyebrows waxed.

He doesn't overlook the heroic duties of hometown fire fighters!

John McCain understands his friend, Joe the Plumber... or in this case, Louis the Construction Worker. He always keeps Joe/Louis's best interests in mind and works hard to keep money in the hands of the hard working citizens of our country.

He knows a pretty girl when he sees one!

By the looks of these pictures, it's obvious that John McCain does not discriminate. If you're a legal citizen of our great nation, he will be your friend and fight for your rights.

And last, but certainly not least, John McCain enjoys dinner with friends and family. He believes the American Family is the most valuable treasure our nation will ever have and he will fight night and day to keep it safe and secure.


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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is It Contagious?!?

Yesterday I reported my case of the Bloggy Flu. 
Cand the Bloggy Flu virus mutate into a horrible cold??? 

And this is why I ask.  After some much needed time with Dawn at Starbuck's until midnight last night, I returned home to find the lights on, my precious baby with a raspy cough, and my husband with a concerned look on his face.  Calvin was/is sick. 

  1. Matted eyes,
  2. Runny nose,
  3. Raspy cough, and
  4. Sore throat
He is acting better today.  But, he is still sick and worn out.  Poor little guy.  Even a Happy Meal didn't cure his symptoms!  So, you know it's serious!!! 

So is this a mutation of the Bloggy Flu virus... OR... is this the curse spoken of on Dawn's blog???  If you're a frequent reader of Must Love Tots, then you know what I'm talking about.  ;-)  hehehhee.  ;-)  Dawn, I'm totally joking!  But seriously, everytime we want to get together or actually get together, one of our kids get sick.  What's up with that?!? 

I'm hoping and praying that Calvin is feeling better by tomorrow afternoon to go trick-or-treating.  That reminds me that I need to finish up his costume today! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bloggy Flu

I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately.  I've had several blogger thoughts that I've wanted to share with you... but just wasn't bloggy enough to type them up.  I'm in a funk.  I am calling it the Bloggy Flu. 

Symptoms include but are not limited to: 
Inability to think in complete blogger mode
Failure to put blogger thoughts into bloggish (blog language)
Lack of enthusiasm for blogging
and finally, and this is the worst: 
No desire to read/stalk my favorite blogs!!! 

I promise to be back to my normal bloggy self soon!  I have lots to share, including how the Walk To Remember and Soup Supper went last weekend.  Incase this bloggy flu sticks around too long, I'll sum up the walk:  It Was Beautiful!  The walk around the park, through a wooded area was very serene.  My aunts did a dynamite job putting this on! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Birthday Announcement!

Fox News Alert!!! 
Live from the campaign trail, John McCain made an important announcement at a news conference...

Okay, so I'm just kidding about the news conference and the Fox News Alert... but if John McCain knew it was Chris's birthday, I'm sure he'd give two thumbs up!  :-) 

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday!  The big 27!  Man he's getting old!  Anyway, Calvin and I are trying to make his day special.  We woke-up early just to give him his presents.  He's taking a short day at work.  And, we're taking him out for dinner tonight!  I hope he enjoys this 1 day a year that truly is all about him! 

Happy Birthday, Chris! 

Monday, October 20, 2008

DLG Memorial Remembrance Walk

Just a quick reminder of The 1st Annual Walk To Remember on Sunday, October 26th at the T-Town Park from 1:00-3:00 p.m. with a Soup Supper from 2:00-6:00 p.m. at the T-Town American Legion. 

My aunts have done an amazing job organizing this event!  They have 160 entries!!!  I am looking forward to the walk where each entry will have its own spot on the walk with a candle and a beautiful sign with his/her picture. 

All proceeds from the walk and soup supper will go to the
DLG Memorial Fund that will in turn be donated in the form of scholarships and other charitable donations. 

~ Love Is All Around Us ~

Friday, October 17, 2008

Frog In His Throat

On the way home from school today, Calvin and I talked about lots of different things...

From how grape slushes are purple,

To him telling me he had a frog in his throat... that said ribbit a lot... that jumped out of his throat, ate the annoying fly in our car and then of course... jumped back in his throat.

Last but not least, we were jamming in the car. A new song came on. Calvin yelled, "Turn it up Mom! This is MY song!" I turned it up... it was SWING! You know... Swing by Savage Featuring Soulja Boy... let me give you some lyrics to refresh your memory:

"Oh sh**, shake dat ass ma, move it like a gypsy
Stop, woah, back it up, now let me see your hips SWING"

I was in shock. Picture him saying "Swing!" (bc that's the only word in the song he knows - and lucky for him they say "Swing" a lot) in his cute little innocent voice while busting out some raise the roof moves! Obviously he has absolutely no idea what the song means/implies. He just thinks it's cool because they're talking about swinging. When the song was over he kept saying, "Mom, turn on MY song!" He was confused and upset that the radio wouldn't play it over and over.

And that was our drive home from school today. Never a dull drive with Calvin in the car. He's a regular comedian.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


A close friend needs hugs.
You know who you are.
Just wanted you to now that I'm thinking about ya.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Magical Disney Christmas

"When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you"

My handsome Prince Charming is
whisking us away to Disney World for Christmas!

Chris, Calvin and I will be spending the holidays with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and the gang!
I'm so excited!
Calvin is going to love it!
I can't wait to see his eyes when he sees Mickey for the 1st time!

Planning this trip reminds me of 2002 when Amy and I took little Jackson to Euro Disney in Paris when he was almost 3. It was such a magical trip. I will never forget Jackson running through the faux snow to hug Pluto.

Calvin's Piggy Bank Savings

Conversation a couple nights ago while I was on the phone with Chris.

Chris and I blah blah blah - no idea what we were talking about.

Calvin to me: Mom, Dad bringing baby home from work?

Me not knowing how to respond: Here, talk to Dad. Ask him.

Calvin to Chris: You at work?

Chris: Yeah.

Calvin: You bring baby home from work?

Chris: Huh?

Calvin: Cooper no baby anymore. You bring baby home?

Chris, clueless on how to reply: Buddy, you cost too much money. We can't afford a baby.

Calvin: Oh.


On Monday afternoon while I was sweeping the kitchen floor:

Calvin: Mom, I'm sorry I cost too much money and we no get baby.

Me - speechless.


Just minutes ago.
Calvin walked into the living room carrying his two piggy banks. He looked so proud.

Calvin: See! Lots of money!!! Now we have a baby sister?

Me - speechless. :-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Wacky Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!
I have absolutely no carving skills unlike Must Love Tots!
Found these funny pumpkin features at Wal-Mart.
We love our wacky pumpkin!
Can't wait to see how Caleb's turns out!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Is it Monday or Tuesday??? It's so confusing!

monday, Monday, Monday! Yes, today was Monday. It's almost Tuesday. Tuesdays are great. No classes. No alarm to wake me up. No schedule to follow. No rules. No expectations... just a play day for me and the Calvster. :-)


Here are some random things from our Monday.
1.) Calvin and I are totally loving the Cookies & Cream (like Oreo) Pop-Tarts! We eat them on the way to school.

2.) I had to carry my Aveeno anti-itch cream at school to reapply as necessary. Those darn bugs really left their mark on me!

3.) Calvin loves his Home Depot cardboard box house! It has a door and windows that open and close. There's even a roof! Unfortunately we both won't fit in the box house. Just one at a time... and well, I don't share well... poor Calvin... j/k! lol. :-) Anyway, we have used crayons to color parts of the house. On Tuesday we may get out the acrylic paints and really make it colorful!

4.) It really stinks, literally, to sit next to the stinky person in class. Seriously dude, shower!

5.) I have made a friend in my Intro To Networking course. It's the first class of the day @ 0900. Remember, I don't do well w/ people or life before 0900. So, he graciously gives me his homework to copy. I think he sees the pre-0900-evilness in me. ;-) Thanks dude! I owe you! I will hook him up w/ some answers to our Computer Logic course. :-)

6.) Calvin talks to himself. I swear I've heard himself answer back. So tonight I was on the phone w/ my mom while I was tucking Calvin into bed. He was being squirrely and laying on my lap while I talked to her. He started talking in a soft voice and I asked him what he needed. He casually replied, "I am talking to myself." So, I told my mom this and that I think his-self talks back sometimes. Calvin obviously overheard me. He looked at me very seriously and said, "Mom, I only have one mouth. Myself can't talk back because I don't have two mouths." The logic of a 3 year old. :-) I thought to myself, "If he had 2 mouths would his-self talk???" But I didn't dare ask him. ;-)

7.) The Hairy post hasn't gotten a lot of comments. But to the ones I have gotten... I'll let you know if I find a magic cure for razor burn, ingrown hairs, etc. I have gotten a few emails and there have been a couple phone conversations that have turned to this topic since the post. Tonight, BFF Tiffany and I seriously talked about it for like 30 minutes... then we laughed because saying "We talked about pubic hair for 30 minutes" sounded hilarious!!!
Here are some solutions I've heard of.
** a.) Shave with the grain of hair - never against it.
** b.) Clean, clean, clean the area before and after shaving.
** c.) If necessary, use an astringent on the area to kill bacteria.
** d.) Never reuse a razor blade (that sounds expensive!)
** e.) Always use shaving cream/gel.
** f.) Do not shave bikini line daily.
** g.) Apply unscented deoderant to bikini line after shaving.
** h.) Use an anti-bacterial cream on area after shaving.
** i.) Submerge bikini area in warm water before and after shaving.
Am I missing any??? Anyway, I'm still waiting for a miracle cure!

8.) My husband made me very, very, very happy tonight. Why? Can't tell you, yet. But, it is HUGE! :-) *No, it's not a baby brother or sister for Calvin

9.) My mother is the worst person ever at waiting to give gifts until the appropriate day. Case and point: Last Thursday we were over there for Lasagna night (yumm-o!). Mom calls me into the office to show me some gifts she got Cooper and Calvin for Christmas. Very cool stuff! I lecture her about the importance of waiting until Christmas. Until Calvin arrived, Mom used to show me my Christmas gifts before Christmas and then give them to me ahead of time and then buy all new to replace them for under the tree. Now, she does this to Cooper and Calvin - lucky them, but she's spending a ton of money. Anyway... so... we were saying our good-byes and about to head out the door when Mom tells Calvin to wait just one minute because she had something for him. She returned with a gift she had shown me just minutes beforehand: a Vtech laptop that has Thomas the Tank Engine on the font w/ an attached mouse. It does all sorts of cool learning things! Calvin LOVES it! He even pretends he can see Dad (Chris-Dad) on an imaginary webcam because we get to see Chris on my laptop's webcam. It's really very cute.

10.) Puppies = Puppy Poop. Poop needs relocated. Boys scoop poop, right? Is Calvin too young? ;-)

I am sitting here thinking that if all of this happened on a Monday when we spent a big portion of the day at school or traveling there and back... I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring. I guess tomorrow is now today - as in Tuesday. I get really confused with days when it's post midnight and I haven't been to sleep. ;-) Anyway, to all of you guys and gals reading this from work - Get Back To Work! Just kidding!!! :-) I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I am sure Calvin and I will be enjoying our day at home together!

Puppy Love

The love between a little boy and his puppy is beyond definition. It is precious and magical. The twinkle in their eyes when they look at each other says it all.

Sweet Calvin, enjoy all of the love little Snickers has to offer.

~ Target Trendz ~

After a stop at the Great Pumpkin Patch, Wendy and I headed to Champaign for a little shopping.  (The boys headed to Cole & Alicia's in Gibson City to help with floor repairs.)  I was on a quest to buy new cardigans (I love cardigans!).  Many of mine were ruined after the Great Flood of '08 when they were floating around in 3' of water in our basement.  Then, my darling husband washed and dried them for me... since I was high on muscle relaxers and pain killers from the VA for my back spasms... little did my husband know that most sweaters are handwashed and NEVER put in the dryer.  A couple fuzzy ones shed all over the others.  Some colors transferred to other sweaters.  Some of them were so nubby after the wash and dry that they looked like I rolled them around in sticker bushes.  And some of the sweaters shrank after the wash and dry. 

So, back to the point of this post...  Wendy and I took on the mall like 2 professional shoppers.  2 confident women on a mission.  We found no sweaters either of us liked enough to buy at the mall... and the ones we thought were alright were like $60 - $120!  Definitely not worth that kind of money for mediocre sweaters. We left the mall w/ very little and it was all for the boys.  :-) 

We headed to Target.  OMGosh!  I got like 9 shirts total at Target - and love them all!  They are all of nice quality, nothing cheap.  And all are so cute!  All of my shirts/sweaters/cardigans were under $20, many under $10, and even one under $5!!!  Seriously, I got some fantastic buys!!!  (I am not getting paid for this post - just spreading the good news!  Head to Target for great deals!)

A Personal Hairy Question

Rarely do I go this personal in my posts. But, since most of my readers are women I thought I'd run a question/situation/scenerio by you.

Do you take care of hair on your bikini line?

If the answer is no, feel free to stop reading, now. Otherwise, continue on...

I have tried several ways to remove this unwanted hair on my bikini line. From Veet to shaving to home waxing kits to special, sensitive Nair creams, etc. I bought an epilator, similar to this model. I love it for my arm pits and it does okay for my bikini line. But, I still get bumps, ingrown hairs, and sometimes a swelling lump. Recently, I switched back to shaving - thinking it would fix the problem. Nope - not even with Aveeno shaving gel. I'd happily get the laser hair removal done... if only we had that kind of money. Heck, I hate body hair so much that I'd get my legs, arms, arm pits, eye brows, bikini line, and upper lip done... if only we had the money...

What do you do to prevent this???

I've read articles saying this could be some sort of bacteria thing... ok so I started using my facial cleanser on the area. I have even recently started putting Neosporin on after shaving. Many articles stress the need to scrub with an antibacterial soap before and after shaving and even an astringent. This seems like so much work - but I guess it's better than this unsightly situation.

So ladies, don't be shy. Help me out, here!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Patch and those Darn Bugs!

Yesterday we headed to the Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur with Matt, Wendy, and Caleb. We were all very psyched to go! We couldn't wait to do the straw mazes, get pumpkin ice cream, pet the animals, and of course pick out our pumpkins!

Well, the Pumpkin Patch wasn't as much fun as we had hoped for. There were so many darn black bug/nat/meanies that kept biting us. We rushed through, bought some cookies, picked out pumpkins and got out of there as fast as we could! I looked like I had chicken pox on my arms by the time we left! The bugs were that bad!

In the rush, we did run into Dawn D, her HH, kiddos, and her mom. But because were were being eaten alive we barely got to talk! Also saw Ann and adorable Claire Boehm!

I think Caleb and Calvin had a fun for the short time we were there. It would have been soooo much better if there wouldn't have been so many bugs!

Sorry no pix here. I'm having Blogger problems today and can't upload pictures. Ugh. I've tried several times today and no luck. So, for pix check out :-)

Happy Halloween Season!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Butt Cheeks

Earlier this Summer I had horrible muscle spasms in my back to the point that Chris had to drive me to the VA hospital in Marion to get good muscle relaxers. Since then, they haven't been as bad. But, the slightest stresses trigger my back to start spassing out again. I pop a couple muscle relaxers, and voila - better! Well, now the muscle spasms have moved down to my butt cheeks. I know it sounds funny, but I am so not joking. It really hurts and the muscle relaxers aren't helping much.

Picture this: Chris and I were laying in bed last night. He of course was trying to make his move on me. ;-) And all I could do was beg him to rub my right butt cheek!

I'm sooo lucky to have a husband that will rub my butt cheeks until his hands ache so bad he can barely move them anymore! That's love. :-)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Working From The Bathtub

After I cut Calvin's hair this afternoon I sent him to the bathtub to get all the hair off him. He enjoys bathtime and played in there for a long time. Then, here came Naked Boy running through the living room. I reminded him that I still had to wash his hair.

He cheerfully said, "Follow the leader, Ma'am" as he headed towards the bathroom.
Me, "Okay."
Calvin, "Follow me to my office Ma'am."

As we entered the bathroom he said, "Welcome to my office, Ma'am!" Then, he climbed into the tub and said, "This is where I work. Wanna come in?"

He was so gosh darn cute! So, I played along and rolled my pants up to my knees, sat on the edge of the tub, and washed his hair in his "office".

It's in these moments that I realize the ability a child has to fix many of life's stresses. His pure sense of imagination is an inspiration to let go of the daily routine, stress, and frustrations and just live in the moment where we can pretend anything is possible, even an office in the bathtub!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Keep on Truckn'

Today I cleaned my house. It needed it. Apparently when I was drunk I ransacked my house or a tornado hit but I didn't know it! Well, in cleaning and sorting through things I had to face all of the funeral "memorablia." Amanda, you know what I'm talking about. So many people sent such beautiful keepsakes and each are very special to me. But, I have a relatively small house - and no room for all of it. Seriously, if it's all out my house looks like a funeral home! It was just too depressing to look at it anymore. So for now, until I can find it all a more permanent home on display in my house, most of it is packed away in a closet.

Saturday night, in my drunkeness, I got way too emotional. This was a family wedding. The side where we have lost 2 family members and 1 extended family member in the last year. We all said we'd try to stay happy for this special occasion. Good plan until I started drinking those damn rainbow trouts (blue UV and 180). Then, after like 2 I started getting a bit sad over my dad and totally bummed that he wasn't there... like he was supposed to be. I made a decision without really knowing it to drink to forget him for the night. I was foolish. I got incredibly too drunk. Even worse, no matter how much I drank, I couldn't forget my dad for the night. In fact, I thought of him more and how I wish I could beg him for forgiveness for all of my short comings.

During the days that have passed since my big drunken stuper, I have realized that I need to let go a little. I can't continue to live the way I have been living. I have been putting on my good face while inside I am completely desolate and forlorn. I have to continue to live my life. I will absolutely never forget my father. He was an amazing man that taught me so many lessons in life that I could never forget. And although I long to sit in his semi at Con-Way where I think I could find his smell, I feel like I am getting a nudge from Heaven to keep on truckn'.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can't believe it!

Is it really only Tuesday???

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainbow Trout

It's Monday morning.  I'm sitting in my 1st class of the day.  We had a quiz.  I didn't do so great.  I'm not focused what-so-ever.  However, I am feeling much better than yesterday... where I spent the better part of the day hugging my toilet.  Stupid Rainbow Trout's (drink of choice Sat. night)!  If you want details from the night talk to Tricia, Darrin, Mitch, or Jason (cousins)... however, they probably don't remember too much either.  Ask Aunt Dawn who was a saint and drove me home.  Does anyone know where the big bruise below my left knee came from or why my right ankle is killing me??? 
I don't think I will be drinking any alcohol for a long time!  This hangover sucks! 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Puppy Kisses

Calvin and I skipped the VP debate in St. Louis...
Instead we did something so much more fun...

We went to pick up Calvin's puppy!!!

Snickers is a beagle mix puppy. He's adorable, as the photos will prove. He's a very loving dog that just wants to be loved. Calvin so far has mixed emotions about Snickers. All day he was eager to get him as we ran around town getting all the puppy gear. Then, we went to pick him up and Calvin seemed scared or shy. Then at Grandma and Grandpa's he was fine. At Matt & Wendy's he was skeptical again. At home, back to loving Snickers. I suspect that Calvin will grow to be more comfortable with his new puppy as they grow together.

A little while ago Calvin was at the open kitchen window talking to Snickers who is outside. Then, Calvin came into the living room with glossy puppy dog eyes begging me to let him outside because Snickers neeeeeded him. It was so cute!

Special thanks to my gal pal, Beth K who coached me through the dog process and told me exactly what we would need! Thanks for sending us to Dogs By Design... we love the new collar and leash! So posh!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sugar Sweet Surprise

Do you have one of those friends who always knows how to cheer you up?  One that no matter what she is going through, will still take the time for your needs? 

Well, I do.  Her name is Wendy.  She is my sister-in-law (s-i-l) but so much more like a sister.  Over the past year our friendship has really grown into something special where we are able to lean on each other in our times of need.  Luckily, we live in the same town where we can see each other often and be in each other's kids lives which makes the friendship even more special. 

I've been having a few really bad days.  Not going to get into the details of my bad days.  But, I know they will get better.  Anyway, yesterday I got home from a doctors appointment to find a grocery bag full of goodies for me and Calvin including:  Cheesy Poofs, Double Stuffed Oreos, Nerds, and Chewy Sprees!  I knew immediately it had to have come from Wendy!  Inspite of her own difficult day, she found the time to make me smile. 

I am so blessed to have have such a wonderful friend!