Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate

Fellow Sarah Palin Supporters...

Calvin and I will be heading to Washington University in St. Louis next week Thursday, October 2nd for the Vice Presidential Debate. All tickets for the debate are sold to the students. Like I did in the 2004 election with my cousin Doug, I will be going to stand on the streets of the campus along with lots and lots of other politic-junkies to show my support. Of course Calvin is going, too. He wouldn't miss it!

So, if you're a Sarah Palin supporter and want to go with us leave me a comment or send me an email. I'll probably take off around 5:00ish and maybe get dinner before the debate. The debate starts at 8:00. Tiffany, I expect to meet up with you! Do you want me to make you a Sarah Palin shirt for the occassion? Why did I even ask... I'm making you one no matter what! :-)
Billi would you and the boys be interested in going? Louis and Calvin could wear their new shirts!
Wendy, if Caleb doesn't have a game do you guys want to go?

I know that we won't really get to see the candidates or even the debate. Being there is just something exciting to me. In 2004, I loved how pumped up everyone was!


Anonymous said...

You know I will be right there next to you! We will be a part of history standing outside of Wash U! Yay!


Dawn said...

You're like a hopeless political junkie. I may not agree with your views but I love how dedicated you are. Truly inspiring.