Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Name Game

Calvin goes to a new daycare. New daycare = new friends = new names to learn. Up until yesterday, when asked his friends' names he would say, "They no got names!"

I said something to his teachers because I want him to learn his new friends' names. They started singing a song to learn names. I don't know the song. Calvin only remembers a fraction of it - something like, "My friends are here! Hip! Hip!" It's really cute when he randomly busts out in tune. :-)

Yesterday he started talking about a friend at school named Toby or Tony. I couldn't understand. He got so frustrated with me each time I tried to play his Name Game. He would get so mad he'd say, "You go to my school and I will show you! UGH!"

Tonight I made a final attempt at the Name Game. He insists that his new friend's name is Toadie! Toadie??? Seriously. I repeated it several times... and it is Toadie - not Toddy, Toby, or Tony... it is Toadie. Either Calvin is all kinds of confused or this poor child has been cursed with a super-weird name! I'll make sure to check it all out on Friday! I want to meet this Toadie fellow - or whatever his name is. Calvin seems to really like playing with him. :-)

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