Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm that mom

* I am that mom that presses snooze 3 times to get as many Zzz's as possible.

* I am that mom that cannot rush her shower no matter how late she is running. My day would be all out of whack if I didn't get my legs shaved in the A.M.

* I am that mom that will rush around like a mad woman to get out the door no earlier than 10 minutes late.

* I am that mom that sets an alarm an extra 10-15 minutes early each morning because I know I will be running late... just to take those extra minutes into consideration when I hit the snooze button the 3rd time!

* I am that mom that is running late and low on groceries so I stop at the gas station on the way to school to get me and the kiddo a pack of Hostess donuts, 2 packs of Chewy Sprees, and an Extra Sweet Tea for breakfast!


Shauna said...

Very funny. I am that mom too on the gas station thing. not on the shower thing. I try to get a shower in at least once a day though. Yes - I know - pretty gross.

Dawn said...

First off, I'm way past due in reading any blogs. I love the new look of yours. And I'm the mom who is always late. I'm the mom who puts my makeup on the way to whereever I'm going. I'm the mom who puts Daelyn's hair in a ponytail because I can't brush it.