Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Said, "Fabulous"

Today was my favorite day that occurs every 6-8 weeks: 

Cut & Color Day! 

There wasn't any cutting since last week Bridget cut out all of the ruined hair from my hair-color-do-it-yourself fiasco.  I learned my lesson... never again will I color my own hair! 
As requested, Bridget ,the Wonder-Beautician, colored my hair a darker brown.  It's getting cooler outside and I like to go darker in the Winter.  Seriously, my hair color turned out even better than I'd hoped for!  I am sooo happy with it!  Before I left, I took another look in the mirror and told Bridget, "I look fabulous!"  Then, I paused and said, "This is like the only place I'm allowed to say I look fabulous without sounding conceited."  We decided that it was blog worthy... and I'm posting it... for all of the world to read... "I look fabulous today!"  Must give major credit to Bridget for her magic like hair skills that got me an awesome color and her round brush technique that got me lots oh' lots of volume. 

If you're feeling not so fabulous and you want a pick-me-up... schedule an appointment with Bridget at the French Quarter:  217.347.3435.  :-)


Anonymous said...

Ummm LOVE the hair! I think it looks fabulous! Definitely a great change for winter!



Carolyn said...


Tracie said...

WOW...What a remarkable difference!

I didn't say better...just different.

You look just as beautiful with darker hair as you do with blonde hair!!

Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

Tracie, I think that's a compliment, right? :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the pic, and you are to kind. Thank you for the plug in your blog.I am glad that you are loving the new color.

Dawn said...

Love the hair. And yes, you look fabulous!

Tracie said...

Yes, Christina! It was definitely a compliment!!!!!