Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He Loves Me! He Really Loves Me!!!

My sweet baby Calvin really loves me. Just minutes ago I stopped by his daycare play yard to say hi. This is a pretty regular thing. We said our good-byes so I could head to the lab to work on some sites. I could tell something just wasn't right with Calvin. His bottom lip started to trimble as he fought back the tears. Finally, he lost the battle and big alligator tears streamed down his face. I went inside the yard and held him for several minutes and tried to console him. I know... some of you pro-mom's would say I should have just walked away in the beginning. But, I just couldn't. Calvin is getting so grown-up. He doesn't cry when I leave him like he used to. In the mornings I get a "Bye Mom!" and a quick hug and kiss before he skips off to play with his friends. It makes me happy that he enjoys school so much.

But, I can't lie...
I silently smiled on the inside that he still loves me so much that he wanted to leave his friends to spend an afternoon at home with me. I know in the years to come, I will not be as hip to him as I am now. Someday, he will go off to college and have a life of his own. So, I am enjoying this moment where my precious baby didn't want me to leave him.
I am sure that by now, he is long past the tears and playing with his friends again. And that makes me happy, too.

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Dawn said...

Being around the two of you, it's clearly evident that Calvin loves and adores you. And yes, nothing to worry about, it's okay to be happy that he still wants his momma.