Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blog Makeover For You...

My Blogger Pal, Shauna from Blah Blah Blog is giving away a BLOG MAKEOVER!
I am sooo serious!
I know there are a few of you that have been dying for a makeover to look like pro-bloggers... so enter to win! Click to enter! 


Shauna said...

you are so sweet to post this - I just love you!

Shauna said...

and uh oh - the link isnt working. YOu can just link it to my blog.

Sarah D said...

I entered!!

What a great idea ;)

Hope I win!

--by the way, I am giving away a purse on Sarah Sellz, you have until tomorrow (Friday) morning to enter.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the link!

But I'm waiting to hire someone else....someone by the name of Christina.