Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wedgie Free!!!

I just saw a Hanes underwear commercial on t.v.
They were advertising Hanes "Wedgie Free" technology.
I had to share it with all of my bloggy friends.

It made me smile a little - that there is
"wedgie free technology".
Hmmm... Hope it makes you smile, too.

But seriously, I've spent a lot of money at Victoria's Secret on perfect underwear - you know the ones that make my butt look fabulous... they don't ride up - unless you buy the cheapies there. Oh, and if you love cute briefs made of nice cotton, try American Eagle's line of briefs. They fit so comfortably - and are fairly wedgie-free.

Do you ladies agree that no matter what underwear you buy,
after several washes they lose their
"anti-wedgie" abilities?

Where do you buy your underwear?
Know of any fabulous panties that you couldn't live without?
Are you a brief, hip hugger, or thong girl?
For Rebekah, I'll also ask... do you wear panties?


amberlindemann said...

I own them, and they work.

Best things I have ever bought.


Aubrey said...

I wondered about these things!! My son needs them more than I do, but seriously - a good hipster is my kind of these wedgie free ones come in that style?

Dawn said...

I'm a slave to the VS boy shorts. They're my sleep gear, my omg I don't have any clean how will I live gear. Seriously. Although they don't work real well with jeans. Too much fabric on the sides leaves for a lot of bunching.

Rebekah said...

you had to ask?? hell no, i don't wear 'em!