Tuesday, August 19, 2008


  1. After phone calls, face-to-face negotiations, and begging, Calvin does not have to get the lead and TB tests to attend Lake Land's Daycare on campus!!! YAY!!! :-)
    1. Let me clarify:  He has already passed the lead assessment and had a TB test - but those were in 2006, I think.  I just didn't want my baby to get more shots - when he is completely caught up on all of them.  The new daycare requires the tests to be done w/in the last 6 months or get a waiver from the doctor.
  2. This is the last week of Summer Break for me and Calvin.  Part of me is excited to start a  new semester and get on a regular routine so life can get a little more normal.  But, the end of Summer always sucks. 
  3. Do you all have like a dozen weddings this Summer?!?  We have gone to and are invited to so many weddings this Summer.  If it seems like we're flat broke...we probably are from buying shower and wedding gifts!  ;-)  It seems like we're at the age when all of our friends are getting married.  This is the 3rd Summer in a row that we have had sooo many weddings to go to. 
  4. For the most part does it feel more like September or October to you?  The weather has been sooo nice!  We actually turned off our A.C.... which is a big deal - bc I usually don't turn it off until it's about time to turn on the heat!!!  As long as my allergies remain under control, we are going to keep the A.C. off. 
    1. We live right by the train tracks... having the windows open really sucks!  It is sooo loud!  Between the dump trucks across the street and the trains blowing their horns... it's hard to get Calvin to take a nap. 
  5. This weekend the Doug Goeckner Memorial Fund Organization will be serving hamburgers, hot dogs, pork burgers, and drinks at the tractor pull.  Click HERE for more information and the address of the tractor pull. 
    1. Reminder that this is a non-profit organization.  We just want to be able to give back to the community in ways that Dad would want. 
  6. Yesterday, my Aunt Dawn and I went to Spectrum Graphics on South Rt. 45 in Effingham to order DLG Memorial Fund shirts for the family.  I have to give a GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT TO ASHLEY HIGGS!  She is such a sweetheart.  When I told her about the organization she was eager to help.  She donated the set-up and artwork for the shirts!  That is a HUGE donation!!!  :-) 
    1. I HIGHLY reccomend her for any custom t-shirts, hats, bags, etc.  She does an AWESOME job! 

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Dawn said...

Definitely September weather.

I understand the train issue from our last apartment.

I can't wait to see the shirts.

Go you for standing up for lil Calvin and no more shots.