Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm a New Member...

Announcing my very own new membership to the Teutopolis American Legion!

Yeah... go me... check me out!

Joining the American Legion has always been on my to-do list, but thanks to Allen R, I finally went to a meeting and signed up!

I hope these guys are ready for my stellar organization and planning skill - like I demonstrated at Mildenhall Air Base, U.K. as President of he Booster Club, raising lots o' lots of $$$ for the squadron. Or, how I saved the Air Force over $300,000 on the last fiscal day of 2002 when I shrewdly negotiated computer sales with Dell and other companies in Europe and the U.S. Or, how I was Madame of Ceremonies for the 100th Communication Squadron's Christmas Party of 2002. Or, how I assured Maj. Trumble in 2003 that McChord's Air Show would go off without a hitch, even if I had to fly the planes myself!

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I was shit hot in the Air Force... just ask Amy, Tiffany P., or Carolyn. They know all about it,. Amy was always there with me to make an event go perfectly... her creativity inspired me to always think outside the box and that we can make anything happen if we just put our heads together! Tiffany was my date to the Dining Out the 100th Communications Squadron (my squadron in England) where I was the Madame Vice as well as the main planner of the event. And then, Carolyn... bless her heart, she wasn't even in the Air Force, but always helped with my new projects... especially Valentine's Day 2002 when the two of us made a ton of hershey kiss roses that were ordered by squadron and some base personnel to be delivered anonymously to various recipients. We raised a lot of money for our squadron that day!

I may have listed a lot of fun projects that I did in the Air Force, but it wasn't all fun and games. There were late nights, early mornings, network outtages, recalls, 24/7 on call duties, September 11th, classified messaging, and don't forget that deployment... :-) I loved every minute of my time in the Air Force... even when I was homesick in England or missing Niemerg's Fried Chicken when I was deployed... I still loved it!

I know that being in the American Legion won't be like the Air Force. However, I think it will help to fill a major void in my life that has been missing since I got out of the USAF in 2004. I am really looking forward to being a part of the American Legion and showing my respect to all military personnel as well as all veterans.


Rebekah said...

congrats! hope you get some free drinks out of the deal. or, at the very least... a discount!

Christina said...

Re-readig this post... damn I sound arrogant! Sorry... I didn't intend for it to sound like that. I guess I got carried away thinking about when I was in the Air Force. Sorry if I sounded like a pompous pig!

Major Mom said...

You go girl! My husband is in the VFW -- I guess I could join too, from my time in Korea, maybe one day he'll have time to become more involved than he is right now.

I did my share of holiday party planning, fund raising and baby-shower organizing during my time on active duty.

I'm back online in our new house, it's nice to have a household coming together again. It's also comforting to be in a military community again (no offense to my wonderful NC friends)

Sorry I didn't stop by to say hello in Effingham -- we got gas there!

Major Mom said...

You don't sound arrogant, Christina. Be proud of the hard work you did.

I was a shit hot Airman too, until Jake was born. Then my priorities changed, and I wasn't 100% focused for the 2 years I was still on active duty after becoming a mother.

The Reserves is the perfect place to keep my passion for the AF alive. I'm going to Al Uaedid in early '09 for 90 days, I think that will scratch my itch for the remainder of my career (6 1/2 years to go).

Christina said...

OMG! I was deployedto Al Udeid in 2003/2004 - back when the troops lived in Camp Andy - tents. They were rebuilding housing (trailers), and other stuff in a new location on base. They even got a new pool, I think!
Overall, the deployment was pretty good - no complaints. And if you've ever been stationed in Europe, you will appreciate the stores like Debenhams and Next in the Doha mall. :-)
I'm excited to read your blog when you're deployed!!!

Dawn said...

Congrats on the new membership. You'll be an awesome member.

Candy said...

You should be very proud of your accomplishments while on active duty. Every soldier who served this country when asked to do so should be extremely proud to discuss his/her contributions to their respective branches. The ones who run from his/her commitment should be the ones to keep their mouths shut when the topic of military service is discussed (whole other soap box). Don't ever be ashamed of what you have achieved!

Nancy said...

Congrats to you Christine. Had no idea you served in our military. Wow.. I am very proud and look up to you for doing that.
I salute you.
It takes a special person to join the military and be deployed.

Brag girl brag!!