Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Calvin!!!

Today my precious baby boy turns three.
On one hand I am in denial that he is growing up so quickly.
On the other hand I am incredibly proud of the little boy he is growing up to be.

He is respectful, loving, considerate, intelligent, and well mannered. He is growing into a patriotic young boy that salute's the American flag. He knows who George Bush and John McCain are... about 1/2 of the letters in the alphabet... he knows up, down, right, and left - courtesy of Amber H. He has a memory like no one I have ever met before. He's a boy that is fun and adventerous and is eager to take me along on his newest escapades.

I love Calvin more than words could ever express. He is my precious Snuggle Baby Buggy, even if he tells you that Snuggle Baby Buggy is in the trunk (as so many of his imaginary friends are). He is an inspiration to be cheerful and optimistic. His hugs and kisses make my heart melt. And he loves me unconditionally... no matter how sad or grouchy I am... he still loves me.

Calvin's Big Day will be very special including breakfast with Grandma Betty and Grandpa Larry at Niemerg's. We are going to the cemetary with cake, ice cream, or candy to celebrate Calvin's birthday with Dad... the best way we know how. I suspect the afternoon will include a bike ride to the park or a trip to Homewood Grill. Calvin is spending a few hours with his dad. And then when he gets home, Chris and I are taking him to his favorite place to eat: McDonald's before giving him his birthday presents. :-)

3 Year Pictures Courtesy of Jennifer Hecht
Calvin with his Papa Doug's tractor.

Calvin, I hope your 3rd birthday is one that you will always have fond memories of. Iwill try to make it very special with fun times, lots of laughs, treats gallore, and so much love! You make me so proud... I couldn't be prouder of you. I love you bunches and bunches and bunches!


Amanda M said...

Happy Birthday Calvin!

Love the picture by the tractor!

Kimmylyn said...


Dawn said...

Awww, girl, I can't believe he's 3 already! Seriously. Wow, and you're right he is an awesome little boy, unbelievably well-mannered and polite. You are doing an awesome job of raising him.

Happy Birthday Calvin.

And Happy 3rd year of momma-ing Christina!

Anonymous said...

I love Calvin`s birthday picture with Papa Doug`s tractor!!