Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

I just finished the book "The Five People You Meet in Heaven." It exceeded all expectations I had of the book. Special heartfelt thank-you to my sister-in-law, Elizabeth, for this book. She gave it to me at my dad's visitation. Although it is a quick read, I took my time and read it off and on. I am so happy that I finished it.

Have you read the book?

I don't want to ruin the book for anyone who wants to read it. But, I have some thoughts.

For this post I am going to assume that what is in this book is true...

I wonder who my Dad's 5 people in Heaven were. He touched many many lives, but who's did he make a big difference in? Who did he impact in his life?

Who will be my 5 people? I have met a lot of people and lived in many places. I like to think that I have made an impact on some lives. I have tried to be a good influence for others, especially when I was in the Air Force. But, I am definitely far from perfect. Anyway, I wonder who my 5 people will be in Heaven.

At the end of the book, Eddie discovers his true Heaven. What is my Dad's Heaven like? I picture him on a farm with my Grandpa Joe. Dad drives the tractor in the field like he has always enjoyed doing. After a day's worth of work, Grandpa Joe and Dad go to the house where Grandma Velear and Lisa are waiting for them to have dinner before playing cards.

I really have no idea what Dad's Heaven is like. I hope to find out one day. Eddie's 5 people seemed very random - people that he didn't expect. I hope that my father is one of my 5 people. It will be interesting to have my life exlained to me. People say that everything happens for a reason. I hope to find out these reasons in Heaven.

I started thinking about what my possible Heaven would be like...
What would you like your Heaven to be like?

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Dawn said...

I love that book. Very powerful and moving. My heaven would be a beautiful beach day playing with my tots in the water with all my loved ones playing too.