Thursday, August 14, 2008

CRAIGSLIST.ORG... Need your help!

I want to add Effingham to
I submitted something to try. I'm not sure how much luck I will have.
If you have a few minutes could you submit something too.
Having more people request it will probably help.

If you're not familiar with Craigslist... well it's like an online garage sale. It's awesome!!! You can buy, sell, and trade on there. I bought a bakers rack and a desk on craigslist in Champaign this year! It's amazing what you'll find on there! Check it out.

I wanted to post an ad in the Effingham Daily News today... but it would cost $167.22 for 5 days!!! I had no idea ads were so expensive. Thats when Chris told me to try to get Effingham added to Craigslist where you can post for FREE!!!

Click HERE to help me get Effingham added!!!



Sarah D said...

What a great idea.

Thanks to you I have been checking out Craigslist for some baby stuff!!

Maybe you could mention it on Talk About Ham.

I will check out your link and do what I can to help.

Chris O said...

I posted my support on craigslist. It would be great to have a craigslist closer than Champaign.

Shauna said...

ok - I was just shopping on CL - dallas style! :)