Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Calvin's Wrap-Up

Here is Calvin's Wrap-up... to keep you all in the know of the World of Calvin

He has already started a Christmas list to Santa. It includes:

1.) a purple cat.
2.) a purple dog - because he knows we will never have a cat because of my allergies. He figured this all out and asked if I was allergic to dogs. When I said no, he insisted that a puppy would be a good substitute for a purple cat.
3.) yellow fire chief rain boots
4.) a bigger bed
5.) a computer - to do his "homework" on.

His current favorite color is purple. Everything needs to be purple. We're just about out of purple Flintstone's vitamins... then what?!?

Calvin and I ran into each other on Campus today... I was headed to my car to meet SSH for lunch. Calvin was on a friendly walk with his teachers and classmates. He totally seemed embarrassed to see me. He barely said 2 words. I thought I was still his BFF?!?

Calvin is going camping with my grandparents sometime this weekend. He is really looking forward to it... but I still think Grandma is the most excited!

We also want to wish Miss Daelyn a very very very magically fairytale-princess-like 4th birthday!


Dawn said...

Thanks for Daelyn's birthday wishes!

I love that Calvin already has a Christmas wish list. Too funny about the purple dog/cat.

Major Mom said...

Catching up on posts -- thought you might like to know that my oldest son, Jacob, has decided that Mace Windu from Star Wars is his favorite character now -- he's the Jedi played by Samuel L. Jackson in the movies. Mace Windu carries a purple, ahem, amethyst-colored lightsaber, so Jake asked for one.

My first thought was "Yeah right, it's going to be like Barbie's Dream Lightsaber, right?" But I looked on Toys R and found one available in the stores.

Jake's therefore getting a PURPLE lightsaber for his birthday next week. It'll work out nicely since he wants to be Mace Windu for Halloween. I'll make an easy Jedi robes costume for him, and he can recycle his Jack Sparrow pants and boots from last year.

PS: My boys have fought over the orange vitamins for years. We use Centrum Kids and the orange ones have Spongebob printed on them. We always run out of those ones first.